Why are my headphones so quiet?

We all want to listen to music at a high volume, enough to drown out any sounds around us. We all want to have great sound quality on our headphones. This way, we can enjoy the latest music without any distraction or watch a great video on our commute without interference from the environment.

You may be asking, why are my headphones so quiet? In this article, we will look at the various answers to this question as well as how you can resolve the problem.

Let’s dive into the reasons Why Your Headphones Are So Quiet!

  • Issues with your audio file: This can refer to any type of audio file that you are trying to play. The quality of the audio can affect how it sounds. Some audio files can be encoded on a very low volume and no matter how much you adjust the volume; the sound will not adjust. In this case, the solution is to look for quality audio.

  • Having issues with ear wax: If you have accumulated wax in the ear canal, it can block sound transfer to the eardrum. This issue can reduce the quality of your audio as well as the volume. The problem can arise after prolonged use of earbuds. You can visit a medical professional to address the condition.

  • Issues with connectivity for wireless headphones: The Bluetooth headphones can sometimes disconnect from your mobile phone or the media player; as a result, they can get quieter. You can check the settings for your headphones and reset them.

  • Having an issue with the plug or socket: This is mostly an issue when you are using wired headphones. When the connection is loose, you can hear noises from the headphones or the sound quality can deteriorate. This can be as a result of prolonged usage of the headphones or accumulation of dust and rust or clothe particles inside the socket. In this case, cleaning the socket can improve sound quality. The socket can also be damaged. In this case, a replacement is recommended.

  • Issues with your mobile or computer settings: You can check your laptop or phone to ensure that the settings for your media player are well set. You can use the headphones on another computer or device to check this, and if they are working well on that other device, you may need to check your device.

why are my headphones so quiet

  • Issues with power: Did you know that for some older headphones model power plays a very important role? Your smartphone may be unable to provide just the right amount of power required by your headphone which can make it silent or crappy. The electrical circuit in your headphone can resist current as a result of mismatched impedance. In this case, you will need a lot more power to operate such headphones. If the impedance number of the headphones is high, you can purchase an amp.

Now you know the issues that you could be facing with your headphones. If you have tried all the mentioned solutions and the headphones are still quiet, it might be time for you to get new ones. There are various factors that you can consider when looking for the best quality headphones. These are:

  • Your budget: Most people first look at the price of an item before making a purchase. You may want to go for the cheapest headphones, but this is not advisable. This is an item that you will be using most of the day. It is good to choose the best quality, and it may cost a lot more as it may have improved functionality.

  • Type of the headphones: They can be in-ear-monitors, supra-aural or on-ears, as well as over the ear headphones. Each has special characteristics that you may want to consider before you make a purchase.

  • Sensitivity: This usually specifies how loud your music will be. If you like loud music, this is a feature to consider. Any sensitivity level below 85 dB/mW will be a bit quiet, and it should be avoided.

  • Drivers: This is the feature in the headphone responsible for generating sound. It is made of a diaphragm, voice call and a magnet.

why is my headset so quiet

  • Impedance: We had highlighted this as an issue that can cause your headphone to sound quiet. It is good to bear this in mind when looking for headphones. If the impedance is high, the sound quality on your phone will be affected. You can look out for headphones with 16 Ohms.

  • Frequency response: If you like to listen to music with bass, you need to consider this factor.

  • Cords: You can decide to choose one with cords or wireless headphones. If it is wireless, you need to consider the wireless technology in use, whether Bluetooth or radiofrequency.

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