why are airpods so expensive

Apple AirPods are the Apple companies’ versions of wireless headphones. Airpods are reputed for being much more expensive than the majority of other brands.

While some consumers agree that they are worth the extra cost, others do not understand what makes them so special that they demand such a higher price. One of the most frequently asked questions is Are Apple AirPods worth buying?

36% of consumers responded that they are not willing to pay so much for the product and there are low quality and less expensive headphones available. Most of the consumers buy these airpods because they offer better sound quality and performance.

They pair quickly and are stable and offer convenience and better performance than the less expensive ones. The AirPods come with a wireless charging case. Those who stand in support of Apple AirPods point out that they are far less expensive than some more high-end designer brands. So the consumers are divided over the ultimate value of Apple’s AirPods.

are apple airpods worth buying

The doubt still persists in our minds when we think of the low-cost AirPods – Are fake AirPods worth it?

There are some items with the same look and function as the AirPods . There are many videos on YouTube showing the fake AirPods from which you can realize that they are very powerful. But the fake one can never be the same as the real one especially in terms of sound quality.

You have seen the Apple stand AirPods that are worth the Hype with good battery life, super convenient recharging and easy pairing to iOS devices.

They have excelled to be the best wireless headphones plus real testers and consumers swear by them. But at dollar 159 the cost is too high.

are airpods worth the price

Some consumer testers also said that Apple AirPods too not always feel the most secure in the years and for that price you don’t want to be worried about losing one mid-run.

That may be the reason why you must have also started to see more fake AirPods in the market even without knowing it. It’s not surprising that a few searches on Amazon brings up dozens of listings of fake airpod. At around dollar 40 the headphones look almost identical to real Apple airpods with similar true wireless style and sleek charging case. They look legitimate but do they perform the same as the real one?

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Is It Legal To Sell Fake Airpods?

If you are selling AirPods but you are not claiming it to be the official Apple authentic, then it is perfectly legal.

But if you claim that they are apple AirPods and completely authentic, then it is completely illegal and you can get fined or sued.

It is against The trademark laws of the Federal Government and every state. If you admit that they are fake, it is an admission on your part of Civil and criminal wrongdoing and will at minimum, get you fined to tens of thousands of dollars, if not, then you may land in jail.

how much does it cost to make airpods

How Much Does A Single Airpod Cost?

The Apple wireless airpods earphones are in the market after a prolonged delay. One burning question is that – Will they offer any sort of replacement to the people who dropped only a single airpod?

The answer to this question is yes, but it has a notable cost. IPhone makers do not sell airpods one by one. Replacement for lost earpod will cost $ 69 in the US, irrespective of the warranty and replacement for the charging case cost $ 69. The new airpods cost $ 159 a pair.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Airpods?

Apple uses the 30/ 30 / 30% with the additional 10% to be used or split up between them to assess the cost of an item.

30% is for the production cost 30% for research and development cost along with other costs like getting the product to the customer and 30% for profit which is to be reinvested into the company and other projects or products.

There are some variations involved in that percentage is to take up the extra 10%. 4 If the cost of the product is $200 then nearly $65 is the cost to just produce the product.

This is the wholesale cost to make the product only it does not include anything else associated with the company and the cost for bringing and designing the product or to get that product to you.

how many airpods have been sold

Each company or organisation has its own criteria of profit and loss. We cannot have an exact idea for how much AirPods are made or what profit can be obtained. Any company can take the cost given below for manufacturing any product –

  • Research cost

  • Design cost

  • Labour cost

  • Manufacture cost

  • Supply cost

  • Any other cost

These are the actual cost for Apple to make airpods. Manufacturing cost may be small but the design cost will be large.

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