Walkers Game Ear Reviews In 2020

Walker is a brand that is a solid combination quality with safety, and provides premium quality products along with hearing protection. This brand is a leading one when it comes to game gear or hearing protection. The sound that you get is crisp and clear.

Manufactured with latest and modern technology, be it the hearing protection muffs, digital ear buds or even the storage case, all speak volumes of quality and durability. Their products last for long and provide you entertainment and safety together. The company is committed to deliver the best and unmatchable quality products to its customers. Manufactured with pride in the USA the devices and products of Walker company carry a quality tag that is huge and spectacular.

Walkers Game Ear Reviews Of Various Product

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Lets Start The Reviews of Walkers Game Ear


Walkers Game Ear Elite Digital Assisted Listening Device

The Walkers Game Ear Elite Digital HD PRO Assisted Listening Device is built with Nano technology and provides more protection than the alternative approaches available in the market. It contains four digital channels to process sound in order to provide an amazing quality of sound and clarity of speech. # 13 battery is inserted into the device and low battery indication tone feature is also enabled to provide ease to the user in knowing the remaining life of the battery.

Thus, if you have problem in distinguishing between the background noise and the noise of the speaker, this outstanding product will work great for you. The Walkers Game Ear has a revolutionary coating so that the working and functionality of the Power Elite is not affected by any means. It is easy to use and comfortable to wear.


  • It is a gsm product.

  • Contains an ear muff for reducing the sound.

  • Four digital channels for the processing of sound.

  • Automatic feedback control feature enabled.

  • A 20 Bit Audio Processor to provide a crystal clear sound.

  • Adjustable Frequency Tuning for frequency adjustment  according to the prevailing environment.

  • 50 db hearing enhancement for a more powerful hearing.

  • Dimensions of the product are 1 X 0.4 X 0.2 inches and weight is 1.6 ounces.

  • Four program settings, namely general, crowds, nature and power boost.

  • Sound Activated Compression (SAC) to compress loud noises to safer levels on the spot.

  • A graphic equalizer of eight bands

  • Automatically operated feedback control system

  • Walkers Field carrying pouch with each device


  • Advanced Nano Technology to make the product more reliable and durable.

  • The coating of invisible liquid in and out, so that the user remains free from worries in any type of weather.

  • It is the most powerful hearing device available in the market.

  • It enhances the hearing power and offers higher functionality in comparison to the hearing aids.

  • This personal hearing device is best suited for you when you have a busy and an outgoing lifestyle.

  • The sound quality is outstanding and is far more superior than others.


  • The device is more visible as compared to other expensive products available in the market.

  • The adjustment of the fitting and length is not much substantial.


Walker’s Razor Electronic Hearing Protection Muffs

The slim hearing protection by Walker are designed and engineered in America. The Walker’s Razor Slim is a supreme quality product, that doesn’t budge a bit when it comes to the amplification properties or hearing protection and specialises in delivering the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) at an impressive rate. They protect your hearing and support 23 Db, and don’t interfere at all. They are constructed with intelligent engineering and are available in many color options.

The Razor thin muffs are a quality product that features on and off volume control and has raised ridges that allow tactile use while you are wearing gloves. The mics are omni-directional and are combined with high definition speakers. Crisp and clear audio is what these muffs deliver. The headband is extremely comfy along with a soft padded design and can be worn by you for the entire day. It also has an audio input jack that can be put to use with high definition speakers, hand held radios or MP3 players. The design is slim and folding, that makes it more convenient for the user to use and store. This also features a sound activated compression circuit (SAC).


  • Features omni directional mics and on and off volume control

  • The headband is comfortable to use and the design is soft padded one

  • A high definition speaker that delivers crisp and clear audio

  • This one uses 2 AAA batteries, included in the product

  • Has an audio input jack of 3.5 mm that can be used with iPods, MP3 players and hand held radios

  • Safe to use and provides a clear sound quality


  • Audio quality issues


Walker's Slim Electronic Hearing Protection

The Hard Travel Case is an amazing storage case for your precious Walker’s Game Ear and comes in a powerful black color. This is made with EVA material that is tough and hard, and probably is named so. This is shockproof, dustproof, shows resistance to water. A great case that provides absolute security to Walker’s Razor Slim Hearing Protection Muffs and also to Safety Eyewear Glasses, Genesis Sharp-Shooter. The product can be easily loaded with Earmuff and glasses. Any kind of bumps, dents or scratches can be kept away from your favorite device.

The case also features a soft anti-static lining for extra protection. A case with more space can make you store accessories such as chargers and others. A durable case that is constructed with style and durability. This comes with a zipper of good quality for making your experience a great one. The external size of the product is 8.6 * 7.1 * 4.5 inch (21.9 * 18 * 12 cm). A case with a perfect design and a comfortable hand strap for making you carry the blood pressure monitor with ease.


  • The charger and accessories can fit in it with ease

  • A hard case that is durable and can provide a lot of protection to your device

  • Features a lining of superior quality and ensures a long-lasting product to you

  • A shockproof, dustproof and water-resistant product

  • Constructed with superior EVA material and comes in rich black color


  • Fitting issues with the accessories


Walker's Silencer Digital Earbuds

The Digital ear buds by Walker provide you with hearing protection and maintains making the best products. The silencer earbuds come in a pair (right and left) and include a DSP (digital sound processing). While you use the amplifications of the conversations is enabled by these and protects great protection against any kind of harmful noises like muzzle blast as has a sound activated compression system. The walker is committed to providing protection along with entertainment and safety. They have an integrated Omni directional microphones and deliver sound that is clear and crisp.

The digital earbuds are made with advanced technology and have full dynamic range speakers provide with utmost comfort levels. The buds are made with foam and have integrated different sized contoured fins that make it a complete customised fit. This also has carbon fiber accents and is compact and can be stored in a carrying bag while you travel. The battery life is about 80 hours and these are powered with 10 batteries and come with an easy on and off switch. This has an SAC ability and any sounds over 85 dB do not get amplified but are reduced to 25-dB.


  • This is an amazing pair of digital buds that provide you with independent volume control system

  • Features foam tips of 3 different sizes for a perfect fit

  • Also features a SAC (Sound Activated System)

  • They provide digital hearing enhancement along with protection

  • This is powered by 10 batteries and has a battery life of 80 hours

  • The carry case in included in it for convenience


  • Lacks good customer service


Walkers Game Ear Elite Digital Assisted Listening Device

With incomparable sound enhancement Walkers Game Ear Micro Elite Clear Listening Device will make sure that your hearing capability is brilliant whether you are deep inside the woods or in the middle of a noisy street. These hearing aids feature a 4 Chanel 8- Band Graphic Equalizer which works wonderfully to enhance the sounds around you. It is equipped with four listening modes; general, crowds, music/theater and nature, which makes this device your ideal companion for all the hearing related troubles. They are exceptionally designed to optimize the comfort of the wearer. Available in three thicknesses, there are overall 9 different sizes available. Using this device will most definitely transform your hearing capabilities.


  • Product Dimensions are 7.3X4.8X2.8 inches.

  • It weighs approximately 6.4 ounces.

  • There are four listening modes available in this hearing device; general, crowd, music/theatre and nature.

  • There are 4 channels in the product.

  • It has a 8 band graphic equalizer for detailed audio control.

  • The Digital VC offers +22 bD NRR when worn with foam tips.

  • They are designed in such a way that they fit everyone.

  • The device has translucent housing.

  • The device comes equipped with a dual switch.

  • The volume control of the product is digital in nature.

  • The power source of the device is a 10A battery.

  • The Comply Snap- Tip system allows you to choose from three varied sizes of comfortable noise blocking tips.

  • The tips are manufactured in three different sizes suitable for 9 varied size/thickness combinations.

  • Adjusts all types of sounds (high and low) and brings them to your normal hearing level.

  • The in-canal design of the device uses digital technology to deliver crystal clear sounds for the user.


  • This device is built and manufactured in such a manner that it is suitable for anybody.

  • The device is extremely versatile and can be in any type of surrounding with no change or compromise in sound quality.

  • It is an extremely easy to use device with a dual switch.

  • There is also a user-friendly adjustable volume control feature in-built in the device.


  • The device can be a little delicate to handle.

  • The changing of the foams needs to be done carefully otherwise it can cause damage to the device.

  • If broken it is difficult to get it repaired.


Walker's Game Ear Elite Digital HD Listening Device

Equipped with three different program settings; Communication, enhancement and combined communication and enhancement, GSM Walkers WGE-XGE1B Digital HD Elite Hunting Hearing Aid with Noise Protection technology is one of its kind hearing device available to cater to all your hearing problems. It is designed in such a manner that it is ultra light weight and exceptionally comfortable to use. Exceedingly simplistic to use, this device is your answer to all your difficulties pertaining to hearing. Accompanied with the low- battery indicator, the device’s battery have a life of 360 hours. This device is tremendously effective in noise reduction and will protect your ears from any kind of dangerously loud sounds and also efficiently improve your overall hearing abilities.


  • This device comes with three program settings, namely enhancement, communication as well as combined communication and enhancement).

  • It is equipped with an adjustable frequency tuning.

  • It has a 50 db of hearing enhancement.

  • There are 4 digital sound processing channels available in the device.

  • It has a 20- bit audio processor for crisp clear sound.

  • There is also a 8- band graphic equalizer in the device.

  • It is made with Nano- tech water repellent coating.

  • It also has an automatic feedback control.

  • The Toggle volume control is also an added feature of the device.

  • Sound activated compression (SAC) is there in the device for an improved hearing protection.

  • Low battery indicator will keep you updated about the status of the battery.

  • The Noise reducing rating (NRR) of the device is about 29 db.

  • The product will include PTT microphone loop, sound tube/ear plugs, batteries and carrying case.

  • It also has a special feature of environmental adaptive listening mode.

  • The device comes along with a field carrying pouch.


  • Its water repellent technology makes it safe from all possible damages that can be caused due to exposure in water.

  • Its advanced sound – activated compression circuit instantly protects your hearing when in close vicinity to a dangerously loud sound.

  • It is extremely easy and comfortable to wear with an improved fit.

  • This device compresses all sounds (high and low) to a safe volume.


  • The size of the device might feel a little big for some people who have relatively small ears.

Benefits of A  Good Digital Programmable Hearing Aids

  • Speech Enhancement And Noise Filtering

Digital hearing Devices filter the noise and deliver the sound speech those results in improvement of speech. In other words, you hear the speech and not the annoying noise sometimes accompanied with speech. In fact, it can distinguish between speech sounds and noise and therefore these are an excellent piece of technology packed into a small Unlike analog hearing aids, digital one just does not amplify all the sound picked from the surrounding environment, they smartly amplify speech-sound.

  • Great Degree Of Fine-Tuning

Digital hearing aids are programmable which is possible through a software. It can be programmed to a user’s hearing needs to deliver better and faster results. Though programmable analog hearing aids are also available, the digital one offers a greater degree of fine-tuning. In various sound environments, a better programming can help a user achieve better sound processing.

  • Reduction In Feedback

It is one of the greatest and the best advantages that come with digital hearing aids. Big thanks to the technology! Just as these small hearing aids  can distinguish between the speech and noise, these smart devices can considerably and drastically reduce feedback, the whistling sound. Digital technology has the ability to either lessen or completely eliminate noticeable feedback to avoid annoying and irritating whistling sound.

  • Small And Sleek Device

Technological advancement has made digital devices like smartphones and hearing devices lightweight, sleeker and compact. Gone are the days when we used to carry bulky and heavy mobile phones and wear noticeable hearing aids that made people feel awkward. Big, heavy hearing aids were a deterrent to many young people suffering from hearing loss. Now the digital hearing aids are ultra-lightweight and inconspicuous with enhanced features. In fact, some are dime-sized and can hardly be seen from a distance.

  • Wireless Bluetooth

Besides, programming options, digital hearing aids feature Bluetooth and telecoil technology to keep in sync with the ever-changing demands and needs of hearing aid users. It is difficult for a hearing aid user to use mobile phones which emanate static from radio interference. The signals from Bluetooth hearing aids  are wirelessly streamed via Bluetooth directly to a small lightweight gateway device, usually worn around the neck. This device then sends a very low power wireless signal to the hearing aid. This results in the sound transmitted to the hearing aids sans background noise or degeneration of sound quality from echo. When worn in both ears, you can expect stereo sound quality in the hearing aids that enhances user experience to a great level. Some hearing aids with bluetooth do not need the intermediate gateway device and can receive signals directly through wireless technology from other devices.

  • Acclimatization Manager

Generally, many users are happy with less than the recommended volume as they get accustomed to it. However, it defeats the purpose of using a hearing aid. In such a case, acclimatization manager feature comes in place and helps in managing the transition process of getting comfortable with the ideal volume without the assistance of an audiologist. Please note that not all digital hearing aids may have this feature and therefore it is recommended to read the technical specifications before buying a hearing aid.

  • Speech Enhancement

Hearing aids improve the user’s ability to understand the speech of the other person. In usual and healthy listening situations, even regular hearing aids do as expected very well. However, as the surrounding conditions become more changing, understanding speech worsens for many people. Understanding speech in noise surrounding conditions is filled with problems for hearing aid users because so much background noise is in fact, the conversation of others. By figuring out the worth of small differences – such as the pitch, length of time, or patterns movement, or spectral qualities of sounds in the surrounding conditions – automatic speech enhancement programs decide whether the sound is noise or speech. The program then takes the speech sounds and increases them more strongly than the background noise.

  • Noise Reduction

Many hearing aids use noise reduction along with speech improvement to automatically draw the attention, over unwanted background noise, to the speech sounds. Broadly, the noise reduction feature can be categorised in two systems – transient and wind.

Transient noise reduction system specifically targets transient, impulsive and sudden noises like rustling leaves or clanging utensils without affecting speech signals. If you are trying to talk to someone, the noise of wind blowing across a hearing aid microphone can be very annoying.  The wind noise reduction, on the other hand, specifically detects the presence of wind and suppresses it. For people who play outdoor sports or are regularly in windy conditions, this is indeed a useful feature. Noise reduction feature reduces the effort of understanding speech in noisy situations.

  • Feedback Elimination

The whistling sound, caused by louder sound leaking back into the hearing aid microphone and being re-increased, is known as feedback. More often than not, it occurs when there is a large air vent in the hearing aid and/or when high levels of increase in sound are needed. Feedback reduction systems provide more flexibility with hearing aid fittings as in hearing aids it has helped to reduce the event and extreme harshness of feedback. Older feedback systems were less effective in limiting the whistling sound. However, current advanced feedback uses a process that creates an equal and opposite signal, added to the feedback path, to cancel the original feedback signal. Consequently, it virtually has no effect on the hearing aid amplification.

Ears Sound Amplifiers FAQ

Should we buy one or two amplifiers?

The brain forms sound from the two ears for improved lucidity, which means, equalization and restriction. Having the option to hear with the two ears is similarly as significant as having the option to see with the two eyes. If you shut one eye, your profundity observation would be contorted. If you close off one ear, your comprehension is influenced. An ongoing Swedish examination demonstrated an 18% improvement in discourse acknowledgment in uproarious situations with 2 hearing amplifiers as opposed to one and a Dutch report indicated that 93% favored 2 amplifiers instead of one.

What if the amplifier becomes accidently wet?

It is a common problem that we accidently wear amplifier in shower or in the rain. If this happens the device is not necessary damaged, if that happens these are the things that can be done:

  •       After removing battery open the compartment door and leave it open
  •       With soft dry cloth wipe the shell
  •       Dry the amplifier using a hairdryer and fan on the “cool” setting NOT “hot”.
  •       Put it in a bag filled with uncooked rice
  •       Leave it there for a night
  •       Now insert a new battery

What is PSAP?

A PSAP is a Personal Sound Amplification Product which is characterized by the FDA as a wearable electronic item expected to intensify ecological sound in specific situations for non-hearing disabled people.

How does the game ear protect the hearing?

The amplifiers are made with sound-actuated pressure hardware, which initiates in a flash. The Behind-the-Ear models convey a noise decrease rating of 29 to 31 DB. With legitimate use and care, your Walker's item should last you many, numerous years. Walker has always been truly concerned with the consumer’s concern.

What causes the game ear to squeal or whistle?

This is a very common problem, it's brought about by terrible acoustic seal and amplification. The sound is really spilling out around the froth ear plug or the muff cup causing criticism. It's critical to have a decent seal. If that doesn't work get a custom fitting.