Different Types Of Hearing Aids Available And How They Work

How many different types of hearing aids are there? Choose the Right Style of Hearing Aid for you. If you’re looking to purchase a new hearing aid or even your first one ever, know that there are a number of styles created to fit your needs. One of the more traditional styles is the behind-the-ear (BTE) device.Behind The Ear Hearing AidThis particular style is a bit more noticeable because it fits along the outside of the ear, but can still be easily concealed if discreetness is important to you.A major benefit of the BTE style is its flexibility. It is easy to adjust for just the right fit so you won’t be constantly readjusting for better comfort. BTE hearing aids vary in the placement of the receiver. Some have a receiver in the ear canal (RIC), while others have a receiver that sits in the outer part of the canal. BTE devices often provide more amplification because they have a larger amplifier and battery.

Another popular hearing aid is an in-the-ear style (ITE). This device is smaller than a BTE version but still offers a great deal of amplification and can incorporate a telephone switch feature.https://hearingaid-guide.com/Even smaller is the in-the-canal style (ITC) that fits far into the ear canal. However, with its reduced battery size and amplifier, this is a style recommended for people with only mild to moderate hearing loss. Being smaller and farther into the ear, this hearing aid is much less noticeable than the previous two.

Finally, there is a completely-in-the-canal device (CIC). This is the smallest and most discreet of the hearing aids. This style also offers a telephone feature. Due to the fact that it must be placed deep in the ear canal, they aren’t suitable for children or persons with very small ears for amplification.https://hearingaid-guide.com/The CIC device should also only be used with mild to moderate hearing loss patients. As you chose which hearing aid is right for you be sure to consider what qualities are most important when it comes to your hearing aid and what will suit you best. The American Hearing Aid Associates also offer a range of information and help regarding hearing aids.

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