Turtle Beach Stealth 700 PS4 Review – A Straightforward Approach

turtle beach 700 review

“Splendid sound and features for a mid-range price”

As in today’s world of video games where the multi-player side is emphasized and the need to communicate with team-mates is essential, a gaming headset has become a necessity.

Sony’s PS4 is the most geared one when it’s about wireless gaming headsets of all the current crop of gaming consoles. And the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 PS4 appears to be a promising and attractive version to buy and use. But is it worth all the hype?

What We Appreciate

  • Active noise cancellation.

  • Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Convincing wireless performance.

  • Glasses friendly comfort.

  • Battery life up to 10 hours.

  • Affordable price.

What We Dislike

  • Battery life isn’t the longest as others.

  • Little clunky controls.

  • Sound could be a little warm.

Our Verdict

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 is jammed with functionality and a mid-priced headset which covers most of the bases that you would require for a console gaming headset.

These wireless headphones are pretty comfortable and feature a boom microphone that has the ability to capture voices clearly. Though these would struggle in more noisy environments such as the gaming tournaments.

This is an ideal option for action games but could be dark and muddy for cinematic cutscenes or dialogues. These headphones possess console-specific variants and a USB dongle is included with the PS4 variant. Middling battery life and a bit unmanageable controls though occasionally has taken it away from position one.

Note: Xbox one model also offers similar results.

Let Us Find More About Turtle Beach Stealth 700 PS4


This could be a subjective feature and may vary from individual to individual. The basic underlying principle is that the headphones should not cause any kind of stress, pain, or fatigue even after prolonged hours of use.

  • Weight – 0.6 lbs

  • Clamping Force – 1.2 lbs

Hence, the Stealth 700 headphones by Turtle Beach are sufficiently comfortable. The faux-leather fabric is used for padding of headband and ear cups.

As compared to the previous model they feel better on skin. The ear cups are quieter than the Stealth 600 model. Some of the users find the fit a bit tight and uncomfortable.


The Stealth 700 shares similar size and looks like the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless. The ear cups of this model possess extra-electronic elements and a touch thicker than the latter. The head designs of both are slightly different.

If we talk about the downside they own a fully plastic design that feels a little flimsy. They appear like gaming headphones and don’t look versatile or casual.

Build Quality:

This refers to the sturdiness of a product and the preference varies from listener to listener. Heavy-duty plastic materials tend to be stronger and less prone to breaking.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 has plastic build like the Stealth 600 wireless model. These are flexible and when you adjust these, they may creak.

Though not so durable like that of the other gaming headsets available with this price tag (like HyperX Cloud 2/Cloud II). The plastic body keeps them lightweight and the ear cups are dense enough and can easily survive falls or drops that may occur accidentally.

turtle beach headsets for ps4

Note: The build-quality is tested properly along with the evaluation of materials used.


Functionality, placement, and layout of the headphone buttons is what a control scheme aims to describe.

  • Microphone Control – Mute/Unmute

  • Channel Mixing – Yes

  • OS Compatibility – Not OS Specific

  • Noise Cancelling Control – On/Off

  • Additional Controls – No

  • Ease of Use – Decent

  • Feedback – Okay

  • Talk Through – No

The Stealth 700 comes with good controls and are perfectly suited for mobile and gaming use.

There are dedicated buttons on the left ear cup with a Superhuman Hearing Mode. This mode is an EQ that works to emphasize audio cues such as Bluetooth control, on/off power button, and footsteps.

The Bluetooth also has call/music control and for the noise-cancelling feature the power button doubles as an on/off button. Volume and channel mixing is done with the help of sliders and by flipping upwards the microphone can be muted.


Any unstable headphone could be really irritating for a user and loose fit may keep you away from optimal listening experience. But when you buy headphones of Turtle Beach then these are fairly stable and offer a tight fit.

But don’t be confused as these are not the ones designed for any sort of physical activity. As the design is bulky and the ear cups may swing and fall when you move while exercising. You need not worry about an audio cable if you are using them wirelessly.


The airflow of any phone depends on its design and how much they get heated up while you wear them for some time is what breathability describes.

  • Avg. Temp. The difference – 5.9 C

Due to the different fabric pads used the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 is less breathable as compared to Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless. The temperature may increase and the airflow may be reduced if you wear them for longer work-out/gaming sessions.

turtle beach stealth 700 ps4 setup


  • Product measurements – L 7.1 “ W 7 ” H 3 “

  • Volume – 150 Cu. Inches

  • Transmitter Required No

Portability is directly related with the transport of a design. Their design is a bit bulky and can’t be folded further for a compact format, hence not so portable. A carrying case or pouch is also not included with them and you need to fit them in your backpack.

The Box Includes:

  • TurtleBeach Stealth 700 headphones

  • USB charging cable

  • USB transmitter dongle

  • Digital optical cable

  • Turtle Beach sticker

  • Manuals

Sound Profile:

  • Bass Amount = 3.36 db

  • Treble Amount = -4.75 db

turtle beach stealth 700

The Stealth 700 are bass heavy where sound is concerned and it is good for EDM/hip-hop/action games that are more thumpy genres with a lot of explosions. Though the brightness of cinematic cutscenes can be affected with the dark and dull treble.

Frequency Response Consistency:

  • Avg. Std. Deviation = 0.63 dB

This provides a frequency response consistency that’s okay. Though the bass delivery may vary due to the issues such as thick hair, the user wearing glasses, and if the ear cups are not flush to the head.

These are sensitive and positioning and placement may bring inconsistencies in the treble range.

Weighted Harmonic Distortion:

The overall frequencies of the headphones fall within the category of good limits and this results in pure and clear audio reproduction. Though the high treble has a peak that may not be clear to all the listeners.

The weighted harmonic distortion refers to the amount of unwanted frequencies that may be produced by the headphones along with the intended frequencies. These headphones have a good weighted harmonic distortion.

stealth 700 ps4

Noise Isolation:

Their performance is better when they have to block sharp sounds (sibilants) in the treble range.

This is not so satisfying of Turtle Beach Stealth 700 and the active noise-cancelling cuts the bass sound slightly like a rumble of bus or plane engines. They have to struggle to minimize the mid-range noises such as chatter.

turtle beach 700 ps4


They offer an acceptable leakage performance and the headphones sound as loud or full as open-back headphones. The leakage is not loud and you can listen to music with a cranked-up volume which the other people surrounding may also hear.

turtle beach ps4 stealth 700

Recording Quality:

stealth 700 headset

This provides a great recording quality with the clear recorded speech, but may lack some airiness and some detail.

Microphone Style:

  • Integrated – No

  • In-Line – No

  • Boom –Yes

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 has a non-detachable boom microphone on the ear-cup (left).


  • Battery Type – Rechargeable

  • Continuous Battery Life – 10.8 hrs

  • Charge Time – 2.9 hrs

  • Power-Saving Feature – Auto-Off Timer

  • Audio While Charging – Yes

  • Passive Playback – No

  • Charging Port micro – USB

turtle beach stealth 700 firmware update

These have an impressive battery performance that provide 11-hours of continuous playback time. When it is inactive the auto-off timer helps to conserve power. While charging them you can use but the ear-cups may get a little warm. You get Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless which offers a long-battery life.


  • Bluetooth Version – 4.0

  • Multi-Device Pairing – No

  • NFC Pairing – No

  • Line of Sight Range – 157 ft.

  • PC Latency (SBC) 205 ms

  • PC Latency (aptX) N/A

  • PC Latency (aptX HD) N/A

  • iOS Latency – 27 ms

  • Android Latency – 34 ms

turtle beach px4 reviews

You get a decent Bluetooth connectivity with these headphones but they lack multi-device and NFC pairing but otherwise the pairing is easy as they have a dedicated Bluetooth button. Their high PC latency can lead to noticeable sync issues.


These headphones feature an audio jack but don’t include a 1/8″ TRS audio cable when packed in the box. They include:

  • Dongle

  • Digital optical cable

  • Micro-USB charging cable

PS4 Compatibility:

Since these headphones use non-Bluetooth wireless, this enables you to hear what’s going around you. They show harmony with PS4 and PC. Only audio is received if you use Analog connection by plugging the Stealth 700 into the controller with an audio-cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Worth It?

Ans. The Stealth 700 offers solid sound-quality and overall a great wireless gaming headset. This clear microphone comes with extra features and shows compatibility with PS4 and Xbox. You get a useful piece of the device at a reasonable price.

Q2. Can The Stealth 700 By Turtle Beach Be Wired?

Ans. The answer is yes, as the headphones include a long auxiliary-cord and the product can be used while you charge it. The battery may die during the game-play and for this, you can plug-in a USB charger to keep going. You just have to plug-in the PS4 and headset to enjoy the game.

Q3. Which Is Better Turtle 600 Or 700?

Ans. The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 features a DTS Headphone and surround sound technology that works well to create a distinctive 7.1 soundstage around your head. On the other hand Stealth 600 features virtual surround sound that will provide you with an engaging audio experience while you play.

Q4. How Is Active Noise-Cancellation Activated On Turtle Beach Stealth 700?

Ans. The power button should be pressed and held for powering on/off the headset. This will help in engaging and disengaging active noise-cancellation.

Q5. How Much Time Does The Stealth 700 Take To Charge?

Ans. The Micro-USB end of the USB charge cable should be plugged into the headset. The USB charge cable and the USB end should be plugged into the USB port on the console. For a full charge, it will take 3-4 hours approximately.