Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Modes

Turtle Beach has been known for offering decent quality devices at a very reasonable price and the trend continues with the turtle beach stealth 600. It is a welcome headset for console gamers. The polar white headset, designed for PS4 is a robust wireless beast, it can sometimes feel too cheap in the aesthetic department to justify the asking price.

It’s somewhere between Stealth 300 – 700 in terms of quality and price. These are made of such precision and excellent sound quality that you would never wonder why my headphones are so quiet. Turtle Beach has crafted a satisfactory follow up that comes swinging despite some notable stumbles.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Design Modes:

stealth 600 modes

The Stealth 600 is very striking, boasting a wide design of something you would see Pilots wearing in a mecha anime. They look great. The Stealth 600 design is fittingly intuitive. Scroll wheels for the volume and microphone levels are found on the left cup placed in such a way that a person can easily make use of it without removing the headset. Being wireless you connect the Stealth 600 to the PC or console using a USB dongle.

You will find the foldable microphone on the same side which is stored on the ear cup itself until you pull it down and chat with your friends. These are the headphones which have got all positive bone conduction headphone reviews. The headset’s power button is found right below the microphone alongside a mode button. The mode button allows you to switch between four distinct modes –

  • Bass boost mode
  • Signature sound mode
  • Bass and treble boost mode
  • Vocal boost mode


Signature Sound – Turtle beach signature sound, you can hear your media just as the creators intended.

Bass Boost – Turn up the bass, feel the deep sound effects in the games, and the punch of bass-heavy music tracks.

Bass + Treble Boost – Turn everything up, increased lows, and highs give more of everything for a more powerful audio experience.

Vocal Boost – Tune into the vocals on dialogue in games and movies or music tracks. Makes your teammates, characters, and stories come alive as you have never ever heard before.

turtle beach stealth 600 manual

So the Bass Boost takes the Signature sounds bass levels and provides them more oomph so that it generates a forceful punch during climactic moments. Bass and treble boost takes the raised Bass levels and partners them up with an increase in the treble to provide a movie-like sound.

Vocal boost is a bit of a puzzler, it focuses on vocals instead of the rest of the sound coming, and the signature sound turns the bass and treble back down to the original setting. The Turtle beach stealth 600 boasts a couple of other game-changing sound features like virtual surround sound and Superhuman hearing.

For these, you have to press and hold the preset button to turn on virtual surround sound and type the power button for superhuman hearing. Both of these features drastically change the sound. With virtual surround sound, the audio transitions from loud and powerful to deep and resounding.

The audio in virtual surround sound comes from all directions. In Superhuman hearing, the audio becomes loud and you hear everything literally.

There are several times in a party chat where you just need to turn it off because you could hear the friends fan blowing in the background and it sounded similar to a monsoon. It works in hearing footsteps and gunshots in PvP but it is not definitely needed for everything.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Audio

The audio performance of stealth 600 is competent, sporting a variety of different soundscapes that fit well with many gaming experiences.

The game’s protagonist points out nearby objectives and potential enemies, sounds that really come alive in vocal boost.

On the flip side bass and treble boost increase the roar of the motorcycle across the open world, it becomes even louder as hordes of undead creatures printed towards the person.

In stealth 600 the virtual surround sound is super impressive, mimicking the weight of a far more substantial setup.


The role of gunfights is amplified as bullets and explosions engulf the soundscape but for the price, it is still reasonable. The stealth 600, 50mm audio drivers produce satisfactory audio outside of virtual surround sound and other modes.

Why Buy The Turtle Beach Stealth 600?

The Turtle beach stealth 600 headsets are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. These are considered the best noise cancelling wireless headphones. It fits around the ears forming a sound barrier against all outside noise while creating a movie theatre environment for the ear.

The ProSpecs design helps alleviate any pressure on the face or glasses to complement the comfortable memory foam material. All the design and material allow stealth 600 to be one of the most comfortable wireless headsets in the market.

There is a lot of competition in the price range the Turtle beach stealth 600 inhabits, which inadvertently puts many of their weaker elements under the microscope.

From an audio perspective, the turtle beach headset manages to impress, presenting a variety of competent audio profiles that fit a large number of different gaming scenarios. The ability to play on both PC and a number of consoles, the stealth 600 has an edge that makes them a worthwhile recommendation.

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