Turtle Beach Stealth 420x Reviews

turtle beach 420x reviews

A wireless gaming headset, Turtle Beach Stealth 420x offers gamers maximum freedom to wander away from a unit’s small RF transmitter. The rich sound quality and lightweight design make it one of the most preferred choices of the Xbox One gamers.

The best thing about it is that you will get an attractive looking headset at an extremely inexpensive rate. The dearth of noise cancellation feature is probably the only aspect where these headsets lack behind. Rest, you can consider buying it and make a really worthy addition to your headsets.

Let’s have a look at its specifications in detail.


Comfort And Design

The headset features a sleek matte body with highlights around the earpads. While playing the game, you can carry out a number of tasks as its lightweight trait allows the easy movement of the head.

Wearing it for a prolonged period of time won’t cause discomfort. Thanks to the perforated and faux-leather earpads accompanied by memory foam cushioning that easily fit around your ears giving you an extremely soft feel.

Even the headband too comes with the same padding allowing you to wear them comfortably throughout the game. Its extendable trait comes as a rescue for those who have an over-sized head.

It runs on a rechargeable battery that stays for 15 hours per charge. It comes with an adjustable and rotating driver which allows you to worn the headset around the neck whenever it requires.

Sound And Microphone

The decent and rich sound quality of Turtle Beach 420x makes it a must-buy product. Rich bass and customized sound options are something which every gamer looks for in the headphones.

There are four sound presets that you can switch to as per your requirements. These presets are- Natural Sound, Bass Boost, Bass and Treble Boost, and Voice Boost. It offers a removable microphone at a highly cheap price. You can remove it when you just require headphones.

While playing on Xbox one, your voice comes clear and you can even hear your voice while chatting. Unlike other wireless headsets, it allows a wireless chat options.

The Mic monitoring feature lets the gamer move the microphone towards his desired position. Getting such an excellent mic at this highly-affordable range is actually a matter of chance.

Lack of Noise Cancellation

On the downside, its no noise cancellation feature seems frustrating at times. When you are on the go or commuting, it fails to separate the ambient noise.

They don’t isolate very much noise and their microphone doesn’t have great noise handling capacity. It functions well only at isolated or quieter places where you not bothered by others.


Considered as an officially licensed Xbox One wireless gaming headset, it functions completely without a wire and even its microphone too. Hence, it increases the possibility of wandering up to 30 feet away from the unit’s small RF transmitter that attaches to your Xbox One console.

These Xbox one headsets are also designed with wireless microphone, therefore while chatting with your teammates you don’t need to plug the headset with the controller. Also, it comes packed with an attachable mobile cable that you might need while listening to music and attending calls.


If you are out in the market and thinking to buy the headset, carry out a detailed comparison. Chances are that you may come across better headsets available at not so extravagant price.

turtle beach stealth 420x review

Turtle Beach Stealth 600

While talking about features and performance, it is absolutely clear that Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is far better than Turtle Beach Stealth 420x.

It comes with an active noise cancellation feature which is missing in Stealth 420x. It is compatible with PlayStation and comes equipped with neodymium magnet.

While both of them have something in common too. Both have a detachable cable, over the ear memory foam, and stereo speakers.

Turtle Beach Elite 800X

Turtle Beach Stealth 420x and Turtle Beach Elite 800X are quite similar. Both of them comes with an adjustable headband and detachable microphone. Officially licensed for Xbox One, you can pick any one of these wireless microphones.

However, the one aspect where Elite 800x overpowers Stealth 420x is the presence of an active noise cancellation feature.

It very precisely separates the ambient noise thus making the functioning possible both in noisy surroundings as well in an isolated room.

Our Verdict

Offering perfectly satisfying sound, and well-built design, there is a lot to admire about Turtle Beach Stealth 420x. Cool textured and matt plastic finish gives a premium feel to its owner. The detachable boom mic and pleasing sound quality is everything a gamer wants!

Whether you game everyday, on weekends, or once in a blue moon, these headsets are surely for you. Investing your hard-earned money on these headsets is surely a well-thought decision.