Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Of Central Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss not a common type of impairment in the hearing is Central Hearing Loss. It occurs due to the auditory nerve damage or the pathway of the brain leading towards it, or at times due to the lesions in the brainstem and can be prevented with hearing aids. The patients suffering from the lesions in the brainstem disease state are usually unable to be diagnosed properly because of auditory behavior which is inconsistent. However patients might react to the sounds that are environmentally present but do not show any reaction to the sounds that are sudden. The Central Hearing Loss is considered to be very rare as compared to the conductive types of hearing loss.

The Symptoms of Hearing Loss Include – Difficulty in comprehension of the word which is known as Word Deafness, some psychological problems occur such as Schizophrenia which is responsible for misdiagnosis of the actually diseased state, hearing loss that occurs suddenly. Other Symptoms are the inability to recognize random sounds such as the ringing of the telephone or music.

The Causes of Hearing Loss Include – lesions in the bilateral brainstem, damage in the structures of the brainstem, severe head trauma also results in loss oh hearing, temporal lesions on the right side. Some other Causes are injuries in the brainstem which is however rare because a lesion when occurs on the brainstem on both sides then deafness results.

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Central Hearing Loss Treatment– the treatment is not actually possible with the help of medication or any surgical procedures. Since it is not diagnosed easily and often misdiagnosed as a psychological problem it becomes really difficult to provide sudden sensorineural hearing loss treatment. Although it can be prevented with the help of different hearing aids devices on the market. These hearing devices can help you to hear properly.These devices are with different features like digital hearing aids, affordable hearing devices, rechargeable hearing aids for the best use of person with hearing loss.The patient should avoiding the environmental noise by lowering the volume of Television or radio and other appliances of music, usage of headphones should be avoided by the patients of Central Hearing Loss, experts say that a patient should avoid continuous exposure to the music which is amplified in the range of 104 to 111 decibels. The Hearing Fix is however helpful in treating this type of conditions. The Hearing Treatment is responsible to provide the essential compounds to the body which helps in proper hearing.

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