The Signs Of Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Do you often find yourself asking everybody to repeat what they said? Has it gotten harder to talk to someone in a noisy, crowded place? Do you notice a ringing in your ears when everything is quiet? What causes hearing loss? and at last how to prevent hearing loss.

If you have worked with heavy machinery, firearms or power tools. Especially if you haven’t always worn protection such as earplugs, you probably suffer some sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Even spending time in a crowded bar or going to lots of movies or concerts can take its toll on your hearing.Hearing loss creeps up on you. It occurs gradually, so it is often difficult to tell. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you might have some hearing loss.

It seems like everybody is mumbling all the time. If you notice that people speak more quietly lately, it’s probably you! Also, if you find yourself turning the TV or stereo volume up higher, it’s probably not because the electronics are wearing out.
You often ask people to repeat things. This is something that may be hard to notice, but see how often you do it. If you misunderstand a lot of things people say, this may also be an indication that you are suffering from sensorineural or sudden hearing loss. You might also find yourself paying more attention to peoples’ faces in everyday conversation. This is a causes of hearing loss.
Hearing loss is not only a medical problem. It is often a social issue. If you lose a significant amount of your hearing, it becomes embarrassing to socialize. You may find yourself often nervous and stressed out when you interact with others. These conditions often go hand in hand with loss of hearing: circulation problems, thyroid problems, diabetes and heart trouble. If you have, you may be at a higher risk of suffering hearing problems or sudden hearing loss in one ear as well.

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It’s hard to continue any conversation. You might also experience stress and feel nervous when you have to talk to people. It is common for people to feel tired because they are always trying their hardest to follow what people are saying.
Some types of hearing loss are genetic. If you have older family members who have trouble hearing, you may develop the same problem. Some kinds of middle ear disturbances are caused by a disease rather than environmental factors.
You often get ear infections hearing loss or experience dizziness. This might not be just wax build-up.
Ringing in the ears. Many people experience a high pitched ringing in their ears, and it may not be noticeable all of the time. When you are in a quiet place, you are more likely to hear it.

If any of these signs sound familiar, go to your doctor and get your ears tested & proper hearing loss treatment. The sooner you start take care of the problem, the easier it will be to reverse your hearing loss.

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