Sain Sonic BM-7 Bone Conduction Headphone Review

With different competitors in the bone conduction headphone market, SainSonic aims to find its own ground with the BM-7 bone conduction headphone. Allowing people to listen to their music with the help of their cheekbones, the SainSonic BM-7 features cutting edge bone conduction technology enables the user to hear ambient noises as well. Primarily aimed at people with hearing aids and athletes, the SainSonic BM-7 comes as a solid bone conduction headphone for the average listeners who want a no-wire affair with their music while also staying alert to the background noises and sounds.

Sain Sonic BM-7 Bone Conduction Headphone Reviews


The SainSonic BM-7 utilizes bone conduction technology to transmit audio information to the ear canal without actually covering the ear or any part of it. Here are the features of the SainSonic BM-7

  • The OpenEar headset design in the SainSonic BM-7 aids the listener to hear both music and phone calls whilst hearing the ambient noises around them.
  • The SainSonic BM-7 features Bluetooth 4.0 which allows up to 2 devices to be paired simultaneously over a maximum range of 10 metres.
  • The SainSonic BM-7 is made of metal alloy which offers durability, shock protection and long life to these wireless headphones. Plus they are waterproof with an IP53 rating.
  • These bone conduction headphones come with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which lasts up to 10 days on a standby.
  • Comes with an in-built high quality microphone as well as noise cancellation technology.
  • These wireless headphones are integrated with in-built buttons to play/pause music or calls and a built-in LED indicator for low battery alert.


Unlike traditional headphones, the SainSonic BM-7 bone conduction headphones offer many benefits such as –

  • While listening to music, a person can immediately listen to incoming calls with a simple and easy to use manner.
  • The SainSonic BM-7 is compatible with every Bluetooth device and offers spot-on sound reproduction.
  • The SainSonic BM-7 utilizes bone conduction technology which allows the user to listen to background sounds and ambient noises while working out, performing or simply during the daily chores.
  • These wireless headphones offer rich stereo sound quality and a clear audio experience even at loud volumes.
  • The SainSonic BM-7 are lightweight and durable with enough comfort to last you a daily session of biking, hiking, exercising or simply listening to music and ambient sounds.


  • The SainSonic BM-7 do not come with an adjustable band which might be troublesome for some people to get used to.
  • Like all bone conduction headphones, they also leak some noise.


The SainSonic BM-7 is a lightweight, comfortable to use and durable bone conduction headphone which will allow you to hear the best of both worlds at a competitive price tag. They are a serious option for someone looking to invest in a robust and functional bone conduction wireless headphone.

With 2 years after sales support and a decent mix of form and useful function, the SainSonic BM-7 is definitely recommended for their value for money. They come with a user manual, storage bag, earcap and a cleaning cloth in the box.

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