Pro Ears-Pro Mag Gold – Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muffs Review

The Pro Ears – Pro Mag Gold – Electronic Hearing Protection and Amplification Shooting Range Ear Muff is yet another high-end earmuff costing over 100$. With a retail price of $222.62, it is costly. The pro ears electronic earmuff is designed, especially for firing range application, but is equally suitable for other dangerous noises hearing protections. Purchasing this product from Amazon entitles you to free shipping anywhere within the US.

Specifications Of Pro Ears Gold Earmuffs

The Mag Gold headband model headset is perfect for all shooting ranges. It works well in both the indoor and outdoor ranges. Pro Ears hearing protectors advanced dual circuits gold connectors amplify low volume sounds into high-quality acoustic sounds. The rapid suppression and amplification time of 1.5 milliseconds makes adjustments from high-caliber rifle blasts to calm environment unnoticeable. With the exclusive DLSC compression technology, this pro ears device provides excellent protection to ears with a 30-dB Noise Reduction Rating. Further, normal conversation can take place between the wearers without the need to remove the earmuff.

Pro Ears Mag Gold - Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muffs

Features Of Pro-Ears Hearing Protectors

The Pro Ears features a large ear cup designed to provide the perfect cover to the ears. The cup is connected to the headband by a rigid yet flexible plastic bracket able to swivel 3600. It has a button which controls the amplification level. The stereo audio quality streamed through the inbuilt dual-circuit is marvelous thanks to its high-tech DLSC technology. The comfortable thick padded hand sewn leather headband increases the comfort by absorbing much pressure from the head, hence can be worn for long.  The volume button allows for independent adjustment of each ear, which is a blessing to people with distorted hearing sensitivity or have a preference to use one ear at a time. The Customer Care Service is efficient and friendly with prompt advice in case of any inquiries and complaints.

Despite these great benefits, the pro ears headband made out of rigid plastic band tend to break under strain, since they are manufactured from a standard product across all range of earmuff. Further, the large ear cup is an impediment to shooting rifles since it gets in the way of the gun stock.  The 5-year warranty does not cover the headband. Only the electronics are covered and all the rest have a 1-year warranty, with free warranty only lasting three months. An accidental drop of the products will lead to the disintegration of the battery port, which appear not to be securely fastened. Further, only a thin foam separates the ears from the batteries.

Pros Of Pro Ears Electronic Ear Muffs

  • Reliable: The pro ear muffs reliably muzzle sound over 130 dB and amplifies low noise under 30dB for safe and secure communication.
  • Warranty: The product comes with a 5-year warranty cover against any defects.
  • Durable: The high-quality materials used during its construction make it a lasting product.
  • Comfortable: The wide form-cushioned leather cover offers a relaxed fit under different temperatures.
  • Quality communication:  The gold circuit application of the DSLC technology provides quick adjustment time from the loud blasts to silent scenes while allowing normal conversation between the wearers without having to remove the noise protection devices.
  • Extended battery life: The auto-shut power mechanism guards against idle battery usage hence extends the battery life.


The benefits derived from the application of this device is great. Further, Pro ears gold electronic ear muffs offer additional functions which make the users better protected. The 5-year warranty is a good fallback in case of any defects.

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