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are apple airpods worth buying

Apple AirPods just like the other products by the company are reputed for elegance and excellence and are equally expensive as well compared to the majority of other brands.

It’s high cost makes sense to users who have experienced Apple’s other products in the past but many consumers often wonder if the Apple AirPods are worth at the said price when you have other cheaper options available in the market offering the same functionality.

Here we explore in detail what makes apple airpods this expensive and how they stack up against knock off airpods. You’d definitely be interested in knowing about the technological superiority it commands other than being the longest lasting wireless earbuds,

AirPods And Its Types:

AirPods were first launched in December 2016 and were refreshed in 2019. So here, we have two different categories of AirPods:

The following table shows the difference between the two categories of AirPods.

how much does it cost to make airpods

First Generation AirPods/ AirPods 1

  • Have W1 chip.

  • The telephonic communication speed is low.

  • Short battery life.

Second Generation AirPods/ AirPods 2

  • Have upgraded H1 chip.

  • Enhances the speed of telephonic communication 1.5 x quicker.

  • Long and better battery life.

Here Are Some Reasons Why The Airpods Are So Expensive


Apple uses 30/30/30 and an extra 10% rule for setting up the price of any Apple product.

The division of money within Apple is in such a way that 30% is for the production costs, the next 30% is for the research and the development costs and the last 30% is the profit of the company or the investment made by the company within the company. The extra 10% costs are somewhere not clearly defined.

Use Of Advanced Technology:

Built with highly advanced technology, the second-generation AirPods or AirPods 2 promises liberty to use and carry headphones with ease in almost all situations.

Integrated W1 chips further enhances the Bluetooth streaming experience with instant auto connect feature whenever the bluetooth tuned on. It also enhances the battery performance of the AirPods. The battery has been increased from 3.345 hours to 4.175 hours.

Effective And Reliable:

Apple gadgets have proved their mettle time & again with effectiveness and reliability compared to any other brand. There’s absolutely no compromise on quality and they ensure complete value for money and great user experience with almost negligible complaints.

are airpods worth the price

Quality And Design:

  • Airpods come across as a masterpiece of design with the highest of quality standard.

  • The significant amount of effort has been put into the structure, material and the development of every single item made.

Brand Reputation:

The brand does not offer cheaper goods and services. The brand is highly associated with high status. One of the reasons could be that if Apple keeps the price of the product cheaper than all the people could afford it and the brand will lose its value as it will look like any other normal brand.

Misconceptions Or Myths Regarding The AirPods:

1. The AirPods Are Similar Like Your Normal Cheap AirPods:

The biggest myth or misconception regarding the AirPods is that they are just like any normal earphones. AirPods are not at all like any regular earphones. They come with a new w1 chip which is highly sensitive to all types of sound.

The use of advanced sensors is highly visible when the audio is automatically paused when taken out from the ear. Besides, sensors are so powerful that they automatically detect the noise and clear them for your proper hearing.

2. The AirPods Are Unobtrusive:

The AirPods were designed by keeping the consumer’s necessities and desires in the mind. The designers were well-aware of what a consumer is looking forward to.

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3. The AirPods Are Uncomfortable:

Many people think that the AirPods won’t stay in the ears for long. They will make you feel uncomfortable as the shape of the earphones is much different from any other normal earphone. But this is one of the misconceptions people have.

The design of AirPods is designed in such a way that even if they have a unique shape yet they are highly stable just like your normal pair of earphones. They perfectly fit into your ear and withstood all the tests of running, jumping, jogging, or any physical workout.

Are Fake AirPods Worth It?

Although the fake AirPods look exactly like the original one still there is a lot of powerful content on YouTube on how to identify the difference between the fake and real AirPods.

The fake AirPods look exactly like the real ones but the major difference lies in terms of the quality of the sound and the material used for making them.

The real AirPods are known for their good battery life, excellent sound quality, super easy charging, and the ability to connect with operating systems. Still spending 159 dollars is a lot of money.

This may be the reason for fake AirPods to come into the market which nearly costs near 40 dollars. Even being identical they cannot provide you with the experience of real AirPods.


Every company has its own way of making a profit and a business strategy. We cannot have the hundred and one percent correct idea regarding how the company earns the profit.

Although the costs of real AirPods are quite high the experience provided by them is delightful. The high price of the product is directly associated with high quality and the reputation of the brand.

Although paying such a price is not everyone’s cup of tea. As everyone has the right to choose, similarly Apple chooses such to sell such high-class products.