3M Peltor Tactical Sport Electronic Earmuff Headset Review

The 3M Peltor Tactical Sport Electronic Earmuff Headset (Model 97451) with headband offers value for money.  At a retail price of $116, it is priced reasonably for the features it offers.  Purchasing this product from Amazon allows for a free shipping anywhere within the US.

Specifications Of 3m Peltor Tactical Sport

The headband model headset compounds distant voices (such as the range commands) while suppressing high impulse noises (including gun shots). It offers superb protection to the ears with a 20-dB Noise Reduction Rating. The Auto power shutoff system allow for an extended battery life by shutting off battery power when the device is not in use or idle for long.  Further, it has audio jacks for MP3 player, dog track scan or FM/AM radio; hence the device can entertain while protecting the wearer while working. It comes in black color, measures 6 x 4 x 4 inches and weighs 13.6 ounces. It has a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. It uses 2no  size AAA batteries.

3M Peltor Tactical Sport Earmuff

Features Of 3m Peltor Tactical Sport Earmuff

The Peltor Tactical Sports applies chip technology in its electronic offering excellent ear protection through a quick shut-off and recovery time adjustments in hazardous noise situations It has a quick response amplification, having a level of one to ten amplification levels,  which makes it ideal for hunting sound-sensitive animals such as deer.  The slim earcups with streamlined microphones and volume knob have it handy for assault rifle applications. Further, it has a delayed power activation button which prevents accidental switching on or off of the electronic ear muffling mechanism.

However, with the 22 dB Noise Reduction Range, its performance is lower than other cheaper variants.  What is considered as a major drawback is the proprietary mono audio cable which is sold separately at $40, despite the assertion that it has a compatible MP3 stereo playout system. Further, the purchase does not include batteries which have to be bought separately.  Additionally, changing the batteries is a cumbersome process, since the circuitry has to be dismantled to reach the battery port and reassembled once the new batteries are installed.

Pros Of 3m Peltor Sporttac

  • Excellent Noise Reduction: This 3m tactical sport gadget suppresses all noise above 82dB and offers a Noise Reduction Rating of 20dB for hearing safety and reliable communication.
  • Durable: The blend of high-grade plastic and metal materials used to manufacture the products makes it durable.
  • Comfortable: The peltor sport tactical earmuffs are padded with soft leather to provide a little pressure on the points of skin contacts.
  • Entertainment At Work:  The external jacks can be pinned to FM or MP3 players for music while taking instructions from command in addition to protection against loud noises.
  • Reputable Manufacturer: The 3M peltor tac sport company, is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality products, based on excellent after-sale service.
  • Value For Money: At $116, the benefits and technology applied in this products are an excellent value.
  • Stylish Design: The 3m tactical sport device is designed for extended usage, and feature futuristic ergonomic style for perfect handling and fit.


Even with its high price, the functions and performances of this earmuff are great. 3m peltor 97451 tactical sport ratings to different high-noise areas are high. The strong yet advanced construction feature and ease of maintenance make it a preferred device for those seeking hearing protection in sectors such as the shooting ranges, mining, offshore oil rigs and industries.  Yet the playout system and the low sound reduction make this 3m peltor sport tac expensive product unsuitable as a professional OSHA-compliant device.

3M Peltor SV Tactical Pro Communications Headset Review

3M Peltor Tactical Pro Communications Headset MT15H7F SV with the headband is one of the most reliable earmuffs costing above 100$. With a retail price of $257.51, it is a pricey purchase. However, buying peltor ear muffs at Amazon saves you $68.51 off the tag price and free shipping anywhere in the US.

Specifications Of 3m Peltor Tactical Pro Electronic Earmuffs

The peltor headband model headset amplifies low volume sounds (in a quiet environment) while suppressing high impulse or prolonged noises. It offers superb protection to the ears with a 26-dB Noise Reduction Rating. The advanced features allow for clear sound and voice recognition in a noise-jumbled environment. Further, audio jacks are provided to connect and be used in conjunction with both the portable AM/FM radio and 2-way radio, hence entertaining, informing and protecting the wearer. Peltor hearing protection comes in black color, measures 6 x 4 x 4 inches and weighs 13.6 ounces. Peltor earmuffs have a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Though the size of AA batteries are not packed, it requires 2no to operate. An important feature of this tactical ear protection gadget is the 2-way radio communication system. The wearer can converse with others hand-free since the radio is built in on the headset.

3M Peltor TacticalPro Communications Headset

Features Of 3m Peltor Tactical Headset

3m peltor tactical pro ear protector has been in production over the last 12 years. It boasts of an electronic microphone with the ability to suppress loud sound within 2 milliseconds, hence protecting your ears. It comes with a gel-filled ear cupping making a comfortable contact with your temple. The omnidirectional earcups (with microphones) allows for a precise sound source. The volume knob allows the wearer to toggle in various volume levels. Further, the peltor earmuffs operate well in snow and light rains. These features make it ideal for emergency situations with sirens and extreme weather distorting communication and orientation.

However, the peltor ear protector does not perform perfectly with glasses, since it allows for the sound inlet. To circumvent against this hindrance, it is recommended that you supplement it with gel-filled inserts to cover the air cleft. This further increases the comfort level around the temples.  Besides, the wide ear cup is bulky, therefore, obstructing the gun stock during shooting. Another wrong attribute of this tactical earmuffs is the pace at which it drains the batteries. All kinds of batteries are depleted quickly when compared to its competitors even the cheaper versions.

Pros Of Peltor Ear Pro Communications Headset

  • Reliable: The product reliable muffles sound over 130 dB and amplifies low noise under 26dB for safety and secure communication.  In a case of any defects, the warranty protects the buyer.
  • Durable: A high-grade plastic and metal materials used to manufacture the products makes it durable.
  • Comfortable: The padded earcups offer soft contacts and hence less pressure on the wearer’s temple area.
  • 2-way communication:  The 3m electronic earmuff can also be used as a 2-way radio, hence allowing for effective coordination in a noisy site.
  • Reputable manufacturer: The 3M S.V. company, is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality products, backed by excellent after-sale service.


The advantages of 3m peltor tactical pro headset far outweigh the disadvantages. The rugged yet advanced construction offers the reliability and durability required in different high-noise working conditions such as the airports, mining, offshore oil rigs, forklifts driving and shooting ranges. With warranties and customer support, peltor headset is a definite must-have.

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