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Hearing loss can make your everyday chores even more challenging. Finding useful hearing aid can make your life a lot more manageable. You won’t even have to worry about the looks as many designs are compact and stylish. Today we brought you a quick review of MD Hearing Aids devices.

MD Hearing Aids is one of the leading producers of inexpensive and non-custom hearing aid devices. The company offers high-quality medical-grade hearing aids at an affordable price. All devices are checked by MD Hearing Aids in-house audiologists and then delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

2 Available MD Hearing Aid Reviews

Top Available Models Of MD Hearing Aid Reviewed

1. MD Hearing Aid AIR

It is one of the most popular hearing aid available. This model is a basic one without any fancy specifications or advancements.

However, an impressive factor is that it’s Telecoil equipped, which is quite unusual for any device at this price range.

For the design, you won’t have to worry as it is a very small, behind-the-ear style. The compact design of the model makes it difficult for others to see, and no one would notice you’re wearing a hearing aid.

The AIR audio processing technology amplifies the speech and high frequency so that you’re able to hear even in crowds and while watching TV. The model sports an advanced noise reduction technology so that you don’t face any problem in places like restaurants.

If we talk about comfort, most of the users have reported the device as very comfortable to wear due to its lightweight. The body of the device sits behind your ear, the receiver placed in your ears is connected to a small clear tube. The dome feels very comfortable in the ear canal.

The AIR is pretty easy to use for most of the individuals. You will find 4 pre-set programs for different environments, along with volume control. All in all, you get a good value for money product. Also, the product comes with 45-days money-back guarantee. The warranty period is relatively short, i.e., only 90 days.

2. MD Hearing Aid VOLT

The Volt is a solid performer at this price. For all those who hate to change batteries, this device is for you as it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can use a standard micro USB cable to charge the battery that lasts for 18 to 22 hours on a single charge.

The Volt comes with a micro USB charger, High Volume Kit, wall plug, Carry Case, and a Cleaning Tool. You’ll see a LED bulb on the Program Button that indicates blue for charging and green for fully charged.

The Volt comes with an attached thin tubing and open comfort tip that will be suitable for most users. Still, if you want more customization, you can swap it out for 13 Plus Tubing and Closed Comfort Tip with a larger diameter to increase the volume.

For cleaning, you’ll get a brush, magnet, and a wire to remove any dust. You can select from four optimized sound profiles using the program button. There are every day, Restaurant, High Frequency, and Group presets available. One drawback that we found is that you have to reset your choice of pre-set every time you turn on the unit.

Using the Volt is quite simple, and you don’t have to put so much effort and time fiddling.

Are These MD Hearing Aids A Great Choice?

To evaluate this, we have provided features, pros & cons, and other products by MD Hearing Aid.

  • If the price of the hearing assist is a big concern for you, that’s where MD Hearing Aid will come to your rescue. Where most of the hearing devices can cost you up to $3000 per ear, MD Hearing Aids will provide you FDA registered good-quality devices at just a fraction of the cost. These advanced devices will cost you around $399 to $1,999 per pair and don’t forget to see some other advanced and inexpensive models of hearing aids that might be helpful for you.

  • You’ll only get battery-powered models except for the Volt that comes with a rechargeable battery. Every model will come with a case so that you can keep your device safe.

  • You get a 45 days money-back guarantee and a 90 days warranty.

  • Customers have said that the device is very comfortable to wear due to its small size. Also, the price range attracts most of the customers.


  • 45-day trial and money-back guarantee.

  • Compact and small design.

  • Very affordable prices.

  • Medical aid hearing aids.

  • Available online and free shipping.


  • Very limited options.

  • No custom-fits.

All Products By MD Hearing Aid

Apart from the two models we discussed, MD Hearing Aid offers these models :

1. MD Hearing Aid FIT –

The model is designed for active adults with mild or moderate hearing issues. While it doesn’t have top features, we’ll still say it provides the best for its price. Unlike behind the ear models, the FIT fits into your ear canal like a custom-made.

For accessories, you’ll get a case, ear domes in three sizes, size 10 batteries, and a cleaning tool. If you want a small but effective product, this could be the right option for you.

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The device comes with four pre-sets you can tune into according to your environment. Like other models, this device also comes with noise reduction technology.

2. MD Hearing Aid Pro Analog –

The Pro Analog is the entry-level device that is very much accessible to everyone at just $199. It comes with two preset configurations that you can select. One unusual thing you’ll find is its analog circuit.

Most of the users said they’re fine with how the Pro Analog operates but a few faced problems due to the limited pre-set. If your hearing fits one of the two presets, then this device is worth trying.

md hearing aid pro

3. MD Hearing Aid Life Ear Core –

Adding to the fine-tuning option, the Core comes with a few automatic programs you can choose from, like quiet rooms and restaurants.

The Life Ear Core is a personalized, flexible hearing aid that you can tune into using your mobile phone app. Life Ear Core allows you to customize the Core for the ears based on the tunes you hear.

The Life Ear Core is designed to give you comfort and look practically invisible. The device is a behind-the-ear design with a clear tube attached to an ear-shaped tip. MD Life Ear Core can accommodate mild and severe hearing loss issues.

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Wrapping Up

The models we discussed work really well, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to see an audiologist. You should be fully aware of your hearing damage before you stick to any aid. We advise you to consult an audiologist because you’ll never want any product to cause more damage to your ears.