Marsboy Bone Conduction Headphone Review

Marsboy Bone Conduction Headphones employs the innovative bone conduction technology to transmit sound waves directly into the ear canal using vibrations. Bone conduction is a breakthrough technology which allows the users to listen to music without blocking their ears. With its OpenFit technology, Marsboy bone conduction headphones provide comfortable fit while allowing the user to listen to ambient sounds during working out or running in different environments. With its snug fit and advanced tech, let’s take a detailed look at the various features of the Marsboy Bone Conduction wireless Bluetooth headphones –

Marsboy Bone Conduction Reviews


The Marsboy Bone Conduction Headphones emit sounds at a frequency which is conducted by the skull bones (instead of the ear muscles), allowing the user to listen to music or calls via them.

  • The Marsboy Bone Conduction headphones utilize military grade bone conduction technologies for better sound quality and phone calls.
  • They come with ISSC Bluetooth chip allowing the user to pair up to two devices simultaneously and are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • The Marsboy Bone Conduction headphones are waterproof and come with an adjustable headband for extended comfort for prolonged use.
  • The headphones are available with an in-built microphone having a noise cancellation feature for taking calls and also an integrated button to pick/drop the incoming call.
  • The Marsboy Bone Conduction headphones also utilize another button to play/pause/skip/replay music while also acting as a volume rocker.
  • They weigh somewhere around 1.87 ounces and are lightweight for wearing them for longer durations.


Finally coming to the part which matters the most to a buyer – does the Marsboy Bone Conduction headphones offer more pros than cons? Here’s a detailed look at this question below –

  • The Marsboy bone conduction headphones allow the user to listen to music while also hearing ambient and external sounds at the time of running, working, and exercising or doing any outdoor activity.
  • Offer good Bluetooth connectivity with a considerable range and ability to pair with the devices easily.
  • Provide a wire-free snug fit which is very useful and comfortable while running, exercising or working out.
  • These wireless bone conduction headphones offer stellar battery life of up to 6 hours of music and audio and longer.
  • There is a pair of foam earplugs provided with the Marsboy bone conduction wireless headphones for better sound quality and experience.


  • The Marsboy bone conduction headphones do not offer high fidelity sounds, as compared to other bone conduction wireless headphones.
  • The fit can be a hit or a miss for people who use gear such as helmets, glasses etc.


Overall, the Marsboy  Waterproof Bone Conduction headphones are a solid option for someone looking to invest in a decent sounding, lightweight, comfortable and versatile headphones.  They not only allow you to listen to your music, but also the sounds of the world around you. With comfort and a snug fit, you will love to use them while working out or exercising without including messy cords or wires. Plus, with their competitive price tag, the Marsboy bone conducting headphones are a great deal for your money.

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