The Lucid Hearing Aid Reviews [ 2020 Updated ]


Lucid Audio Enrich Pro

lucid hearing aid reviews

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Lucid Audio PSAP

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Behind The Ear Design

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lucid hearing aids

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Lucid Audio AMPED

lucid hearing aids review

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It is the best solution for individuals who just need little hearing assistance and don’t need or are ready for a hearing aid. This product is an inexpensive alternative to hear well. It is made from state-of-the-art technology from lucid. It is designed specially to enhance the natural sound quality and it is designed to get better communication in environments that are noisy. It is also designed to enhance the comfort in quiet locations.

Lucid’s enrich BTE or behind the ear is a discrete and comfortable behind the ear design that is just amazing. It can be directly used right out of the box. It has quite comfortable settings which allows the user to set the environment from noisy to quiet and vice versa. It comes with tons of benefits like dynamic feedback cancelling, low-level noise separation, nanotechnology and Omni-directional microphones. It is the best quality that you can get at this cost

Features And Benefits

  • Discrete behind the ear design
  • It’s universal fit left ear or right
  • 3 listening modes and 2 channels that can adjust to a variety of environments from crowd, concerts or conversation.
  • It comes with an Omnidirectional microphone
  • It provides improved comfort in quiet environments with low-level noise suppression. Various noise levels like refrigerator motors internal microphone noise and air conditioning voice are effectively suppressed.
  • It comes with nanotechnology codes that repel moisture and protect the hearing aid. It also gives the feel, functionality, and look of the device. It also makes it truly durable and liquid repellent.
  • Comes with a #13 battery
  • For complete coverage of the ear canal, it comes in comfort dome fitting tips.

Enrich Pro PSAP 

Enrich Pro BTE is also a well-designed quality product of Lucid. It is also a powerful medium to hear well. It also increases the natural sound quality for you to hear well. Its quality is far superior to traditional hearing aids. It works for providing better communication to the wearer in environments that are noisy and provides comfort to the user in situations that are relatively quiet.

This product comes with discrete and comfortable behind the ear design that can be directly used by the user right out of the box. The Enrich pro model is comparatively smaller than most of the PSAP products and is almost invisible to the human eye when put on. This product comes with 4 adjustable settings, 8 channels and is pre-programmed for your majority of hearing loss ranges. It comes with many hearing aids plus points, such as dynamic feedback canceling, low-level light suppression, nanotechnology, and Omni-directional microphones. This whole package is successful in providing you with a crystal clear hearing at an amazing value for money.

lucid hearing aids

Benefits and features 

  • Almost invisible behind the ear design
  • Universal fit left ear or right
  • Made by Lucid sound processing technology
  • It comes with the pre-programmed technology covering the majority of ear loss ranges
  • It comes with 4 releasing modes and 8 channels which allows you to adjust too many environments like crowds, conversation, concerts, and daily life.
  • It comes with an ultra-thin acoustic tube compact design
  • It comes with Omnidirectional microphone
  • Reduces noise coming from the air conditioning internal microphone noise, or door refrigerator motors with low-level noise suppression.
  • Comes with multifunction rocker switch
  • Alerts the user when in low battery, startup, or program change. The low battery signals the user to change the battery before it drains.
  • It comes with a dynamic feedback canceller which is a patent technique of lucid. Assess the sound quality by adapting continuously to the changing circumstances and environment. Through this technology e and wanted feedback is stopped and suppressed without compromising on the sound quality.
  • It is fitted with the latest software which increases battery life and provides the best processing power.
  • Comes with #312 battery
  • To fit every year’s canal size it comes with comfort dome fitting tips.

Enrich PRO PSAP (In-Ear)

Enrich Pro IE is a powerful than Lucid hearing aid from . It is an inexpensive and out of the box hearing aid which enhances your natural sound quality and helps you hear better. This product is also superior to the traditional compression hearing aids and provides a better hearing environment that is noisy and on the contrary, gives you comfort in quieter situations.

This product is made for the comfort of the user and designed in such a way that it can be worn right out of the box. The design is so slim that it is almost invisible when one wears it. This product has four adjust table settings and 8 channels it is designed and pre-programmed for covering the majority of hearing loss ranges. It also comes with a rainbow of benefits like low-level noise suppression, dynamic feedback canceling, nanotechnology, and omnidirectional microphones. It is the best hearing aid that you can get at such a price.

lucid hearing aid reviews

Benefits and features

  • Nearly invisible design
  • It is made of amazing right or left ear design (blue tip-left; red tape-right)
  • Is made by lucid sound processing technology
  • It covers all the hearing loss ranges
  • It comes with 4 listening more than age channels which allows you to adjust to a variety of environments like conversation, crowds, active, and concerts.
  • It comes with a programming wand.
  • It comes with Omnidirectional microphone
  • It gives you reduced noise made by air conditioning, refrigerator motors, or internal microphone noise and gives you a low-level noise suppression for comfort in quiet environments.
  • It comes with important user alerts like a startup, low battery, and program change. The low battery indicator alerts the user to change batteries before a complete battery drain.
  • To maintain excellent sound quality dynamic feedback canceller employees up technique that adapts continuously to changing circumstances. It’s a patented technique, in which feedback is suppressed and stopped without compromising on sound quality or gain.
  • It is made from moisture repellent nanotechnology which is used to coat each and every aspect of this hearing product. It not only enhances the look functionality and feel of the device but also makes it highly durable. It’s an invisible coating that is done inside out of the device.
  • It is made with the latest software which increases battery life and provides greater processing.
  • Includes #312 battery
  • To fit every year’s canal size it is made with comfort dome fitting tips.

These products are manufactured by lucid audio. Lucid is a company that beliefs in making people hear better at all stages and ages. Their product range spans products for every age group. They provide infant and child protective earmuffs to AMPED audio devices. The motto of lucid audio’s advanced technology is to make people hear what they want to hear and to make them hear less what they don’t want to hear. Lucid audio products are unique and best in the industry. They provide amplification and help people enjoying music media and calls. If you are having hearing clarity issues then the Lucid products are highly recommended.