Best LifeEar Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier Review

Looking For the Best LifeEar Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier ever?  LifeEar hearing aid  is a quality hearing device, designed by the experienced and qualified Audiologists and doctors. You don’t require any prescription or medical evaluation to get these amplifiers from LifeEar. The device is smaller in size and weighs only 0.8 ounces. It’s very easy and effortless wear on and off and easy to maintain too. It suppresses the background noise and enhances your hearing capability. LifeEar hearing amplifier comes at a very affordable price range and is suitable for any type of hearing problems.

Lifeear Hearing Aid

For Left/Right Ear

The LifeEar hearing amplifier designed by the qualified and experienced doctors and Audiologist so it has ‘All Digital Volume Control’ system.  It comes in three different sizes and the price may vary accordingly. LifeEar comes in single or double unit. If you have a problem just with your left ear, you can go for a single unit and vice versa. It has four modes of operation and has two Volume Levels – Low and High. Different modes can be operated by pressing and holding the volume rocker button. It is immensely user-friendly.

LifeEar hearing aid works perfectly well for any type of hearing problem in either and/or both the ears. It won’t feel uncomfortable at all if you have the device just in one ear as it functions well, amplifies the speech properly and reduces the background noise to suit your comfort level.

Available in Three Colors

A LifeEar audio amplifier is stylish and a very designer device, available in three different color choices, viz. Beige, Grey and Graphite which can beautifully and smartly blend to suit your hair and skin color and yet remain undetectable.

It is so small and lightweight that you can wear them all day long without realizing it. The look of the Personal Hearing Amplifier is very attractive so it enhances your confidence while supporting your hearing capability. Each color option is a great choice as it looks more of an accessory than a hearing device and controls the background noise and soothes your ear internally and externally.

Features Of LifeEar Personal Audio Amplifier

  • Battery Life

LifeEar hearing amplifier is a small, prudent and ready to wear device which comes with a complete battery setting. The manual guides you at each and every step further to operate the device without difficulty. The amplifier comes with a complete package of replaceable batteries.

LifeEar uses the battery of size 10/10 zinc-air.  The life of the batteries is dependent on several factors like the number of hours used per day and the setting of the amplifier. You should be careful to remove the batteries, if you aren’t using the device for prolonged hours while sleeping, relaxing, etc. This will increase the longevity of the batteries.

  • Background Noise

The layered noise reduction technology in the LifeEar audio amplifier suppresses the background noise very intelligently so that you can listen to the conversation, etc. without putting any effort. The sound processing system in the device selectively amplifies the speech and separates the background noise and sounds to help you hear clearly. It has 4 amplification programs which help you to adjust according to your listening environment. Output limiting function is another feature to prevent excessively loud external noise, volume and sounds especially when you are in a crowded place like restaurants, bars, etc.

  • Custom Volume and Frequency Programs

The 10 volume adjustments function in the LifeEar hearing amplifier allows you to control and change the volume according to your need without unnecessary fiddling with the device. You can easily increase or decrease the volume as it has the frequency program inbuilt which helps you to adapt to various listening environments and you can do all that with a simple one button operation.

It has a 12-band digital sound processing system which concentrates on voices and simultaneously reduces the background clamor. The amplification program and sound level is easily adjustable through a single switch. LifeEar personal audio amplifier makes your life less complicated as it wipes out the undesirable noise from your conversation and allows you to focus only on the speech.

  • Very Small Size

The most attractive feature of the LifeEar hearing amplifier is the size of the device. It is very small and comfortably sits on your ears; you can wear them for the day long without even a hint of discomfort. It’s very lightweight and soothes your ears while amplifying the speech and clearing the background noise and sound intelligibly. In simple words, LifeEar amplifier is a much desired product because of its size, features and functions.

  • Comfort

The LifeEar amplifier is very subtle, lightweight and perfect in size; it fits well to your ears and won’t fall out. It is very comfortable to wear on and off as per your need. This device is easy to wear and maintain. The manual instructions are very clear and easy to follow. LifeEar amplifier is already assembled and is ready to wear right out of the box when it arrives.

  • Effectiveness

LifeEar amplifier works effectively with the various inbuilt technologies, the device has. The package comes with complete batteries, two sizes of the new LifeEar Tip and tubing which allow you to listen to any type of conversation very well. The device is very small in size and weight yet very effective in performance and comes at a very affordable price which has made it the favorite choice amongst many.


  • No Medical Assessment or Prescription required.
  • Three different color choices to suit the tone and color of your skin and hair.
  • Durable and easily changeable batteries
  • 12-band digital sound processing system to hear better and understand the conversation easily.
  • One Year warranty to ensure the reliability and quality of the product.
  • 10 volume adjustments, managed with a simple one-touch control.
  • 4 amplification programs allow you to adjust as per environment.
  • Background Noise Reduction
  • Output limiting feature to prevent excessive loud sounds.


  • It is not waterproof, so you have to be really careful while you are in the shower, pool or during rainy season.

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Why Is It Right For You?

The LifeEar amplifier has several benefits which make it the favorite choice amongst many. Apart from the affordability, the device has many functions like quick adjust which helps you to change the program settings and volume to adapt to almost any situation.

It fits every type of ear perfectly and is so comfortable and lightweight that you may never notice that you have worn any such device at all. LifeEar is assembled when it arrives so it is ready to wear and you don’t need any type of adjustments until unless you want to adjust the sound and volume control to match the frequency.

It is a perfect choice for all those who hated to wear the hearing aids as LifeEar amplifier looks more like a stylish accessory and it doesn’t create any problem even if you have your glasses on your eyes. It’s very simple and easy to operate, ready to use device and effortless to maintain. LifeEar provides 24/7 customer support; if you face any trouble or problem with the device, it gets sorted in no time.

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LifeEar hearing amplifier has been loved by everyone who has used this product. It is suitable for all those people who face hearing problems but don’t want to follow traditional path of going to the medical examiner and opt for hearing aids because of the price, etc. This is affordable and worth the price as many say; very easy to operate and suitable for any age group and any type of hearing loss.  Great Customer support is the most important highlight of the LifeEar amplifiers.

To conclude, LifeEar hearing amplifier must be tried by those who hesitate to wear the hearing aids because of any reason. These amplifiers won’t make you feel that you have them on; it smoothly fits to your ear and makes your conversation a better experience.

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