Howard Leight Sync Noise Blocking Stereo Earmuff

Howard Leight Sync Noise Blocking Stereo Earmuff (Model 1030110) is a reliable earmuff manufactured by Honeywell.  This high-performance earplug is retailing at $ 24.87. An order from Amazon will entitle you to prompt shipment.

Howard Leight Sync Noise Blocking Stereo EarmuffFeatures Of Howard Leight Earmuffs

The headband model earmuff is constructed with double layer noise reducing foam casing. Its over the head design makes for a perfect fit.  The low profiled ear cups over a reasonable noise reduction rating of 25 dB. The ear cups can be tilted and swiveled for extra comfortable fit. Its thick snap-on ear cups are easily replaced once worn. The adjustable head band has a range of about one and a half inch tolerance. The material used are non-conductive, hence minimizes the sound absorption. The howard leight sync earmuff has twin headband design to enhance air ventilation between your skin and the headband, while offering perfect fit. The headband has been electrically insulated (dielectric) to mitigate against exposure to electric hazards.

Howard leight electronic earmuffs has been tested to conform to the American National Standards Institute and the European Standards on Noise Reduction. It also comes with manufacturer’s warranty..

Specifications Of Howard Leight Electronic Earmuffs

This handy earmuff is available in black color. It measures 7.5 x 3.1 x 6.3 inches and weighs 14.4 ounces.

  • Safe Noise Regulation: This noise cancelling ear muffs has an impressive Noise Reduction Rating if 25 dB, hence suitable for low and medium level noise.
  • Sturdy Construction: The new advanced construction style boasts earmuffs with spacers, and padded with polyurethane foam cushions for extreme working conditions.
  • Comfortable: The ventilated inner headband is intended to reduce pressure on the head of the wearer.
  • Safety Compliance: The devices conforms to external 6 ft cords for FM or MP3 players connections. It still relays communications via 2-way radio as well as normal conversation, in addition to protecting the ears against loud noises.
  • Entertaining: The integral music connection to MP3 player and an advance volume control ensure you enjoy the device entertainment while keeping away hazardous noise.
  • Easy Maintenance: Howard Leight headphones are easy to clean, while the ear covers are conveniently replaced when worn out to enhances the lifespan of parts.
  • Highly Rated: Out of the 1,365 users reviewed, over 60% provided a feedback of 5/5. The overall rate is 4.7 out of 5-star.
  • Value For Money: At $29.62, the products offer reliable technology commensurate with its reasonable pricing.
  • Wide Applicability: The earplugs can be used in textile factories, cement manufacturing plants, airports, construction, metal processing, automotive plants, mining and quarrying.
  • Power Source: The ear noise blocker device is powered by the external entertainment source. The volume and sound are controlled hence allowing for extra protection against injurious noise.

  • Light Duty: The product cannot be used in high noise environment. These earmuffs to block out noise are not suitable for protection against extremely high decibel noise.  
  • Inflexible Headband: The restrictive adjustment of the headband makes it fit tight to the ear.    


This Howard Leight earmuffs are handy in reducing noise in low to medium level noise environments. Its compact construction allows for harsh operating conditions while the entertainment bit enhanced productivity of the wearer without compromising the safety elements.

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