Howard Leight R01902 Impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff Review

Howard Leight Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff (Model R-01902) is a versatile earmuff manufactured by Honeywell Impact.  This high-performance earplug is retailing at $ 99.99. When you order the device on Amazon, you are entitled to a 38.53 discount and pay only $61.46. Further, you get a free shipment included in this amazing price.

Specifications Of Howard Leight Impact Pro Earmuffs

The Howard Leight by Honeywell r-01902 has inbuilt microphones to amplify noises lower than 30 dB. It allows for the comfortable 82dB volumes and then blocks any further noise above this level. It offers hearing protection with a 30 dB Noise Reduction Rating. The Auto shut system allow for extended battery life by turning off battery power when the device is not in use for four hours.   Further, it has 3.5 axial audio jacks which connect to MP3 players and scanners. This option offers the wearer entertainment in addition to noise protection, while at work.

The Howard Leight R01902 earmuff comes in black color with dark green ergonomic strips. It measures 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches and weighs 15.8 ounces. It has a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects. It uses two size AAA batteries, provided in the earmuff pack.

Howard Leight Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff

Features Of Howard Leight Impact Sport Tactical R01902

This Howard Leight r-01902 impact pro has elicited attraction due to its versatility.  The headband model headset is a workhorse of a flexible bracket supporting large ear cups to the later padded headband. Its switch buttons are recessed within the earcups forming a streamlined look. The lower part of the earcups is grooved for easier grasp and manipulations. The entertainment cords are placed behind the earcups for protection against wind flow. With inbuilt microphones reducing noise by 30 NRR, it is more powerful in camouflaging hazardous noises. The padded headset is contoured to fit properly. Even when the switch is off, the earmuff still affords perfect noise blanket. Further, the 3.5 axial audio jack connects to an MP3 player, providing quality stereo entertainment in addition to noise protection, while at work.

Despite the above advantages, the earmuffs tend to be bulky for rifle usage. Further, some critics have stated that it has poor amplification, requiring that the volume be turned up significantly high to converse normally and at this level, creating some background hiss.  Since their microphones are not covered, there is a slight interference during strong wind.

Pros Of Impact Sports Tactical Pro Earmuffs

  • Excellent Noise Reduction Rating: The product exceeds even the higher priced earmuffs in harmful percussion suppression, with an NRR of 30.
  • Safe Noise Regulation: The product has an inbuilt electronic ear protection mechanism which amplifies low-level noise to a comfortable sound ambient of 82dB. When noise exceeds this level, the tool blanks out the excess noise above 82dB to retain the healthy conversation levels.
  • Durable: The blend of high-grade plastic and metal materials used to manufacture the products makes it durable.
  • Comfortable: The Howard Leight impact pro earmuffs are softly padded and have telescopic adjustments to provide for a perfect fit.
  • Entertainment at Work:  The jacks connect to MP3 players for stereo music. It still relays communications via 2-way radio as well as normal conversation, in addition to protecting the ears against loud noises.
  • Easy maintenance: The easy snap-in ear pads offer suitable replacements of a worn out part and enhance the lifespan of parts.
  • Power: The device can use both batteries and direct electricity plugin.
  • Value for money: At $61.46, the benefits and technology applied in this product are of high standards.
  • Long battery life: The auto shut device allows for the conservation of batteries when the earmuff has been idle for over 4  hours, thereby extending the life of the batteries. The batteries can last up to 450 hours
  • Stylish design: The Howard Leight impact pro muffs is intended for use in the wilderness, with color blending with the wild. Further, the telescopic headset allows for perfect head fit. The streamlined design is comfortable to handle and fits well.
  • Heavy: The device is slightly heavier than its competing models.


This Howard Leight by Honeywell impact pro sound amplification electronic earmuff (r-01902) is highly rated by customers and has an extensive review. This practical and highly discounted device can withstand the high-decibel noise of the shooting zones without any problem. The rugged design and small size are ideal for storage in small compartments. With the extended batteries life, multi-tasking ability and modern electronic ear protection system, you wouldn’t go wrong with this product.

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