Howard Leight Impact Sport OD Electronic Earmuff

Howard Leight Impact Sport OD Electric Earmuff (Model R-01526) is a commendable earmuff manufactured by Honeywell. This high-performance earplug is retailing at $ 42.30.

Features Of Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff

Impact sport electronic earmuffs are the products who get admiration for its functionality. Howard Leight electronic earmuffs are having slim profiled ear cups which can easily snap ear seals with cushioning to protect against hazardous sound levels. The bracket connects to the foam padded headband for extra head comfort. With an auto shut mechanism when not in use, the batteries get an extra life span. Further, the battery port of Howard Leight impact is uniquely designed to allow for easy battery installations and replacement. The protection in the indoor shooting range is excellent. The ambient amplification is so great it works better tat hearing aid. The jack cord allows for entertainment while at work and the adjustable headband is a low-profile to accommodate better cheek weld for the long rifles.

However, the low profile sacrifices the ear seals, hence lacks proper sound deafening material insulation. Further clocking sound is evident in some products which interfere with the concentration required in the shooting ranges.

Specifications Of Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff

Howard Leight headphones are also available in matte black and olive green colors. It measures 8 x 6 x 9 inches and weighs three pounds. Howard Leight impact sport od has a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects and is powered by two size AAA batteries. The headband model headset has inbuilt microphones to amplify noises lower than 30. With a medium duty rating of the Noise Reduction at 22, this earmuff is good at protecting the ears. The snap-in ear cushion is easy to clean, maintain and replace.

  • Safe Noise Regulation: The product has an inbuilt background noise freezing capability, allowing for just the required conversation at the natural 82 dB noise level.
  • Noise Blocking Mechanism: The device completely blocks all the background noises.
  • Comfortable: The padded and adjustable headband offers a perfect fit.
  • Entertainment At Work:  The external jack is pegged to FM or MP3 players for stereo entertainment. It still relays communications via 2-way radio as well as normal conversation, in addition to protecting the ears.
  • Easy Maintenance: The easy snap-in ear pads offer a suitable replacement of a worn out part and enhance the lifespan of parts.
  • Power: The device gets power from a two no. size AAA batteries and direct current for power.
  • Highly Rated: Out of the 10,954 users reviewed, over 70% provided feedback of 5/5. The overall rate is 4.5 out of 5-star.
  • Value For Money: At $42.30, the product offers reliable technology commensurate with its reasonable price.
  • Long Battery Life: The auto shut device allows for the conservation of batteries when the earmuff has been idle for over four hours, thereby saving the battery life. The battery life is 350 hours.
  • Stylish Design: The patented Air Flow Control technology enables for a sleek ear cup structure to protect against interference with stock positions while aiming. Further, the telescopic height adjustable headset allows for perfect head fit. The streamlined design is comfortable to handle and fits well.

  • External Sound Interferences: The product emits clicking and static sounds intermittently, which affects the user’s concentration.


Howard Leight ear protection product is rated highly with a huge sample of reviewers. This great value for money device can work well in the rugged working environment. The compact design, small size and light weight are ideal for prolonged usage.

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