Fake Airpods Vs Real Airpods

The hefty price tag on a set of Apple’s airpods may send you to search for cheaper deals somewhere else. There are many lower prices to be found, but you have to be careful that you don’t end up with a pair of fake airpods instead.

How can you tell if airpods are fake?

Inspect The Packaging To Find Out The Mistakes -

It is possible to spot fake airpods before opening the packaging. Apple occasionally changes the packaging design for its products, so the packaging you received may look different from photos available online.

Real airpods never have typos or pixelated images where as fake airpods do.

Read all the text carefully and inspect each of the images on your airpods box to find out the mistakes.

Any typos, low quality pictures or double spaces will help to make out that you have got fake airpods that look real.

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how to check if airpods are real

The best AirPods get outside packaging exactly right, they may be even plastic-wrapped as well. Just because the outside box looks right, it does not mean that the airpod inside is real. You may doubt – are there fake AirPods? Open the box and find out similar typos or mistakes in the documents. Also, make sure that the AirPods come with all the accessories listed on apple’s website.

Inspect The AirPods And The Case For Design Flaws

Second-hand AirPods don’t come with any packaging to inspect for you, but you can still find out a fake set by inspecting the AirPods themselves.

How To Tell If Airpods Are Real or Fake?

You can go on Apple’s website and compare the 360 degree airpod animations to the airpods you wanted to buy.

If there are any differences like additional vents or misaligned holes then you can make sure that you are looking at a fake set.

Whether you buy original airpods, airpods 2 or airpods Pro you can spot the difference immediately, if it comes in any colour other than white or if there are status lights or buttons on the airpods themselves.

This will help you to find out the difference between airpods and airpods 2.

are fake airpods any good

The Difference Between Airpods 1 And 2 -

So the answer to the question – what is the difference between airpods 1 and 2-

A major difference between the two airpods is the processor. The second generation airpods are powered by proprietary and upgraded H1 chipset which gives a more stable and faster wireless connection to the devices such as iPads and iPhones.

It also connects to calls upto 1.5 times faster. The original airpods use the W1 chip. The new H1 Chip gives faster connectivity, siri support, lower latency, faster switching between devices and more.

difference between airpods 1 and 2

Tips for spotting fake vs Real airpods is to look at the bottom of the stems. Real airpods have an oval shaped grill, while fake airpods make it circular. Real airpods don’t have a grill, but many fix still put it on there.

How To Check If A Check Is Real ?

Apple uses serial numbers to identify each set of airpods and the charging case they come with.

Enter the serial number for your airpods on Apple check coverage website https://checkcoverage.apple.com to find out if they are real or not.

It makes sense why real airports come with the serial number that could be confirmed by apple on their official website.

So you see an authentic pair of Apple wireless headphones come with confirmation points from their official website.

This clears 99% of airpods legit check, it’s not possible that someone might switch the case and put in fake airpods.

apple serial number check

Some Fake AirPods Have Real Serial Numbers So How To Recognize A Fake Check-

Some sellers claim that they sell fake but when the serial number of the product is typed into the Apple serial number check, then it shows that the product is authentic.Upon unboxing comes up as airpods- the name can’t be edited, neither Siri can be accessible. Can’t see them in settings of the iPhone, then this gives us a clear answer that something is not right. You can investigate in the Apple Store to find out if they are fake?

  • Fake box is not Apple white but bluish white.

  • Fake case lid is not attached like a premium Apple product.

  • Place the airpods one by one on a Flashlight and if inside is visible easily to light then they are fake and not real.

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