Etymotic Research HD 15 High- Definition Series Electronic Earplugs Review

Etymotic Research HD 15 High- Definition Series Electronic Earplugs are ear devices designed to provide protection in hearing from loud and harmful noises. The electronic device brings out many benefits to the user as it provides protection in hearing without compromising with his/her safety and the situational awareness. The earplugs provide a natural sound in hearing while the user can customize the hearing protection with the help of Dual- Mode switch. HD 15 earplugs are designed especially for safety inspectors, contractors, heavy machine operators, construction crews, warehouse personnel, carpenters and woodworkers as such persons are required to operate around constant loud noises. During the period of no noise, the earplug returns to the mode of natural hearing. The weight of HD 15 Electronic Ear plugs is 4 ounces while the dimensions are 2 X 6.6 X 3.8 inches.

Etymotic Research HD15 High-Definition Series Electronic Earplugs Review


  • Dual- Mode Hearing Protection

The HD 15 earplug has a Dual-Mode switch application so that when there are safe sound levels and natural hearing in the environment, the On Demand Mode is enabled while in cases of sudden loud noises, the Hearing Enhancement Mode is enabled.

  • Enhancement In Hearing Power

Etymotic Research Earplugs provide hearing enhancement as it protects the user from loud, intense and dangerous noises.

  • Automatic Hearing Protection

When the background noise has exceeded the safety levels of noise, hearing protection is automatically operated in the device.

  • Quality Of Sound

The sound quality of the HD 15 earplugs is of high definition that allows for clearer communications and an optimal hearing experience.

  • One Year Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty of one year brings out another reason for buying the ear piece as it assures the quality of the product.

  • ACCU Technology

ACCU technology has been used in designing the earplugs which includes microphones of high sensitivity, solely made compression of dynamic range and a signal processing of K- AMP.

  • # 10 Battery

HD 15 earplugs contain # 10 hearing aid battery that lasts up to 300 hours of  continuous usage, thus making it a long lasting device.

  • Tool For Filtration

A tool for filter removal is provided along with the HD 15 earplugs to help keep it clean whereas filters for the extra wax are also fitted in the device for a more clear hearing.

  • Provides protection to the ears from fireworks and explosive blasts.
  • Softest sounds are even normally detected and localized.
  • Provides hearing amplification up to 5 times.
  • Improved awareness of the situational work environment.
  • Facilitates more clear communications to the user while allowing for natural hearing.
  • During high risk for ear damage, the attenuation becomes 15 decibels to provide ear protection.
  • Helpful in situations of continuous loud and intense noises.
  • Provides relief to the ears after returning from work.

  • During a windy weather, the earplugs are pushed in with the force of the wind making the ears sore.
  • Sometimes they stop working in a cold weather due to condensation.

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Etymotic Research ER20 High Fidelity Earplugs are one-of-its-kind earplugs designed specifically to prevent any kind of possible damage to the ears which could happen due to exposure to loud and harmful sounds. Not only do these earplugs prevent any damage to the ears but they also work effectively to avoid noise – induced hearing loss as well. By reducing the noise levels, these earplugs enhance the quality of sound and preserve the wearer’s hearing capabilities. Etymotic fidelity earplugs do not muffle the sounds and voices but clarify them by preserving the quality of sound. These earplugs are enormously versatile in nature as they can be used for various purposes. They are ideal for all types of loud performance venues like concerts, nightclubs, industrial sites, aircraft hangers etc. They are extremely easy to carry and use and are available in standard sizes. They effectively replicate all the sounds in the form of a natural response for the ear canal.

Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs Review


  • Light-weight

These earplugs are exceptionally light in weight and while wearing them the wearer does not experience any kind of discomfort. They weigh approximately around 0.6 ounces.

  • Versatile

The Etymotic earplugs are not restricted to being used for a single purpose or surrounding as they work quite efficiently and effectively in various environments and scenarios. They are used in places like airport hangers, bars, night clubs, concerts, construction sites etc.

  • Prevent Loss Of Hearing

Apart from enhancing and improving the sound quality, these earplugs also prevent the loss of hearing which happens after the exposure to extremely loud sounds and noises.

  • Does Not Muffle The Sounds

Unlike the most earplugs, these Etymotic high fidelity earplugs do not muffle or deteriorate the voice quality, but preserve and clarify the sound and makes the listening experience rich and clear.

  • Available In Standard Sizes

The earplugs are available in standard sizes of small and large which are suitable for small as well as large ear canals.

  • Preserves sound quality

The experience of using these Etymotic high fidelity earplugs is incredible as they not only reduce the loud noises in a noisy environment, but also preserves the quality of sound by making it more accurate and precise.

  • Retain Original Sound Quality

These earplugs retain the original quality of sound even when used in the nosiest of environments by replicating all the sounds in the form of a natural response to the ear canal.

  • Highly economically priced earplugs which offer great protection from extremely noisy environments.
  • Exceedingly easy to use and maintain.
  • Work efficiently in all types of surroundings and environments.
  • They replicate all the sounds in the form of a natural response for the ear canal.
  • They reduce all sounds by a standard of 20 dB.
  • The earplugs come along with a carrying case, neck cord and clear stems.

  • Not designed to be used for shooting, swimming or sleeping.
  • Size might be a cause of concern for females as the company only manufactures two standard sizes.

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