Best Bone Conduction Headphones – A Detailed Reviews

Over the years the bone conduction technology has got much better when it relates to the consumer level headphones. The sound is transported through your bones into your inner ear as the bone conduction headphones are supposed to sit on your cheekbones. They make you hear the surrounding sounds and work well while you are cycling and running near noisy traffic.

We have tested bunch of different head phones that will prove of great worth for you for sure. These are easy to use, stay firm in place, and possess intuitive controls. You will love to use and feel these ultralight headphones that provide premium sound quality.

best bone conduction headphones


     ★ Best Overall ★       

Vidonn F1 Sports

bone conduction bluetooth headset

Safety Fit Design

High Performance

High Quality Materials

     ★ Best Budget★       

Arndox IP56 Headset

jaw headphones

Heavy Duty


High Quality Sound

     ★ Premium Choice ★       

AfterShokz AS600BK

bone conduction bluetooth wireless headphone

Ultimate Durability

Long Lasting Battery

Designed For Long Wear

Best Bone Conduction Headphones Tried And Tested By Our Team Of Experts:

1. AfterShokz Titanium Open Ear

This product flaunts of bone conduction technology and an open fit design that delivers music through the cheek bones. It ensures that your ears remain completely open to circumambient sounds for maximum situational awareness during long-term use.

These are Titanium wrap around headbands that are lightweight, flexible, and ensure maximum comfort during extended wear. This allows you to enjoy continuous music and calls for six hours at a time.

You get a premium audio experience with rich pitch technology that delivers rich bass and dynamic range. This leaks layer technology to remarkably minimize natural sound leakage. These are sturdy and can withstand arduous running, cycling, and more.

Note: You get added safety and utmost comfort throughout your indoor or out door exercise routine.

The Positives

  • Provides you with unmatched comfort.

  • Features dual-noise cancelling mics.

  • Designed for long wear.

  • Provide you with ultimate durability.

  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity.

  • IP55 certified sport headphones.

The Negatives

  • Sound quality is great, but the battery lifespan could be a bit longer.

2. VIDONN Bone Conduction Headphones

One of the most popular styles by VIDONN, this offers clearer phone calls, more bass, and made form good material. These are open-ear headphones and unlike the earplugs they don’t let you lose perception of your surroundings.

This way you eliminate the chances of danger meanwhile you enjoy music. The latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology enables faster pairing with your device with a more stable connection and 33 ft. signal. Lets see a full working video of this device.

This gives you an ergonomic design for comfortable wearing and make sure that you do sport freely without worrying about falling out. ABS + Titanium alloy construction leaves theses lightweight and durable.

With a charging time of just two hours and a battery life of 6 hours they have a built-in 180mAh lithium battery, that makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor activities both. The product comes with a 12 months impressive warranty.

Note: Probably the safest alternative to traditional ear buds and headphones.

The Positives

  • Provide better bass.

  • Provide 6 hours of phone calls and music time.

  • IP55 sweatproof.

  • Titanium alloy manufacturing.

  • Secure fit design.

  • Simple and convenient operation.

The Negatives

  • Work great with hearing aids if a little more flex near a ear could make them awesome.

3. Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones

The Tayogo keeps you covered while you wanna have the bass and enjoy music at the same time. This is full wrap around format that tends to hug your head right behind the ears facilitating a firm grip without you worrying about them to slip out.

You can confidently run, workout, without the hassles of headphones slide. This features a built-in microphone that helps to make and take calls hands-free. They boast of a long-lasting battery life that provides a reliable listening and talking experience for workout, travel, home, and other places. Here’s a complete unboxing video with expert comments.

These amazing headphones are available in three different colors, can connect to various Bluetooth-compatible devices like the tablet, smartwatch, iOS or Android devices. This provides improved quality comfort with sound clarity without limiting external world sounds.

Note: This ultralight weight headphone leaves you with enough comfort and you can connect with Bluetooth too.

The Positives

  • Provides high-quality, high-fidelity sound.

  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity.

  • Comfortable lightweight design.

  • Long-lasting battery life.

  • Flexible sweatproof comfort.

The Negatives

  • If the volume options could be better.

4. AKASO Bone Conduction Headphones

You can simply pair these headphones with your cell phone, tablet, or any Bluetooth-loaded devices. You get a stable connection as these are compatible with iPhones and Androids. This is a really effective hearing assist device to listen your favorite music, podcast, audio book, and hands-free phone calls.

With a weight of just 33g this is light weight, easy to use and reduce hearing impairment without stimulating your ears. Design is suitable for multiple occasions with a built-in high-performance lithium battery. This resists light rain, sweat for outdoor activities.

Note: They can be used for a range of occasions with its easy ergonomic design.

The Positives

  • Features an ergonomic design.

  • Covers long range of 33 ft..

  • IP55 sweatproof.

  • Wireless transmission.

  • A convenient side button to easily accept or hang up on calls.

The Negatives

  • Always room for sound quality improvement.

5. Yamipho Bone Conduction Headphones

These wireless headphones will never let you down while you are running, walking, playing sports, or just relaxing. The ergonomic design keeps them in their place even if you are sweating or if its raining. Check out the first hand review by a real user.

These bring you an extraordinary musical effect and adopt Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity to ensure stable connection. The microphone noise reduction technology makes the calls clearer.

The full charge takes 2 hours, standby time 7 days and play time around 6 hours keeps you away from worries about the power. If anything goes wrong the company takes care of everything and this makes you feel secure while you purchase.

Note: These are ideal while you work or play with a warranty of 1-year.

The Positives

  • Gives a perfect fit and feels stable during sports.

  • Long enduring lithium battery 180mAh.

  • IP55 waterproof.

  • 12-months warranty.

The Negatives

  • Unsuitable for people with glasses.

6. Arndox Bone Conduction Headphones

These are cost worthy and incredibly impressive than the other regular headphones available. The pen ear design keeps your ears free and open to your environment while you enjoy high-quality music and audio delivered to you through your cheekbones and avoid danger while you are busy enjoying music.

You can establish secure and safe Bluetooth connectivity with your cell phones. You get a hassle-free warranty of one year and these are best for outdoor use.

Note: The long battery life makes you feel confident while you workout and the one-year warranty are also great.

The Positives

  • Made with the newest Bluetooth V5.0 technology.

  • IP56 waterproof.

  • Built-in 170mAh lithium.

  • Truly wireless.

  • One-year warranty.

The Negatives

  • Unsuitable for people with larger heads.

7. QIANXIANG Bone Conduction Headphones

This is perfect and you need not put into the ear, no chances of eardrum damage, and good for user to avoid ear disease and hearing loss. These are light weight, flexible, and ensure comfort for longer hours.

While you are jogging, cycling, running, or driving this resist sweat and light rain for any outdoor activities.

The ergonomic design keeps you worry free and these ensure swift connectivity with Bluetooth V5.0. the company takes good care of refund, replacement, and repairs.

Note: This lightweight running sports headset comes with a volume control back and appears cool.

The Positives

  • Simple and convenient design.

  • Comfortable to wear.

  • Anti-interference microphone.

  • Made form high-quality titanium alloy steel.

  • IP56 waterproof.

  • Three-year warranty.

The Negatives

  • Call quality could be a bit better.

8. SOMORA Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth 5.0

You can set your ears free with the bone conduction headphones by Somora. These feature the latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology that keep the headphones completely wireless and free from cable mess.

Faster pairing, stable connection, 33ft. signal transmission is provided by this technology. The open-ear design helps you to stay alert to your surroundings, avoid danger, and enjoy music in the meantime.

This works by vibrations and each side of the earphone has a built in 200mAh lithium battery and is perfectly suitable for outdoor activities.

The headphones are IP55 sweatproof to resist light rain and sweat for outdoor activities like running, driving, cycling, and others. This is made from ABS + titanium alloy that keep the headphone lightweight and durable.

This features an ergonomic design for comfortable wearing and you need not worry about these falling out.

Note: This offers better transmission with the CSR Bluetooth 5.0 chip.

The Positives

  • Made with an advanced design.

  • IP55 sweat and water-resistant.

  • This stays skin-friendly with the food-grade silicone pads.

  • Titanium band keeps it lightweight and durable.

  • Long battery life with 6 hours working time and 8-days standby time.

  • This comes with a 60-days hassle-free return policy and 1-year warranty.

The Negatives

  • Absolutely incredible with no downsides as such.

How Do These Bone Conduction Headphones Work?

These headphones are uncommon and many of you might not be aware how to use them. You can understand them by knowing how the sound travels.

Basically, the sound travels through air and goes into your ear- the outer, the middle, and then the cochlea. The signals are sent to your brain and that indicates that you are hearing something.

In an interesting pattern and fashion, the bone conduction headphones work. As the sound travels through the facial bones and then reach your ear (inner).

When you use these headphones sit atop your head and makes the sound travel in the most effective way. Even surgically implanted hearing aids make use of this technology.

do bone conduction headphones work

When you choose headphones sound quality and sound leakage holds importance and along with these other features should also be considered for a perfect selection.

Things To Be Remembered Before Investing In The Best Bone Conduction Headphones

The conventional headphones use to transmit the sound directly into your ear canal. But these new headphones provide a new experience. There are some particular aspects that can’t be left ignored:


Comfort is the most important and prime factor that can never be ignored. The bone conduction headphones like the in-ear headphones doesn’t let you deal with the bud going inside your ear.

And these newest headphones introduce to a lot more comfort as compared to the traditional ones. Everyone wants headphones that tend to stay in place, offer a good battery life with consistent connectivity. Get a headphone that keeps you comfortable in every situation.

Superior Sound Quality

bone conduction headphones review

Most of us invest in headphones for listening to their favorite podcast, music, e-book etc. The sound quality should match your need. When you buy a bone conduction headphone then they function much differently than the “noise cancelling headphones”.

The sound quality you receive is also something the user appreciates. These are designed to keep the noise away from your ear drum and in cochlea area. This is done only through your skull and jaw bones. May be, some of the users may take time to adapt to the sound quality and fit but in the end, it turns out really worth.


A huge variety of styles are available from where you can pick up the one you like. Just imagine if you are in a vibrant attire and you choose colored neon headphones, this will surely make the other people look at you with their jaws dropped.

So, the right style will always complement you and your style. Along with style check the other features too that will let you choose the most amazing one. When you are in search of a bone conduction headphone then undoubtedly you are attempting to be the best you. Grab the best version and feel the perfect sound and style.

bone conduction bluetooth wireless headphone

bone vibration headphones


This factor lets you decide how far and how long your headphones will be useful for you. The bone induction headphones are used for outdoor activities like running, jogging, workout, etc.

All these activities are of high intensity and involve some high impact and results. A sturdy and stable bone conduction headphone won’t break easily and let you down while you are on the go. Best bone conduction headphones promise added strength and durability.

Who Needs A Pair of Bone Conduction Headphones?

Listening to music along with paying attention to the surroundings is what these bone conduction headphones offer. So, the ones who are suffering from any sort of ear issues or hearing loss will get most of the benefit from these types of headphones that are specially designed for this purpose.

At the point where conventional headphones failed then these bone conduction headphones have come out as a winner. These new innovated headphones have helped many to listen to their favorite music or any other things.

Even the ones with the normal hearing can use these headphones while being active in sports.

are bone conduction headphones safe

The best part is that these headphones keep you aware of the surroundings with traffic, noises, etc. and thereby keep you completely safe. When you are at your work in office you can comfortably use the headphones while listening to others and hear what is flowing in and out of your ears.

A Brief Summary

The latest headphones are probably the best alternative to the traditional headphones due to their brilliant approach. Any of those people who are the sufferers of hearing damage can listen to their music again.

This is safer and the right choice for the persons who worry about inner ear damage. The above write-up will surely prove beneficial and help you pick the best are the trendiest headphones. These headphones have the quality to change your life and we also hope that the one you choose will make a big difference in your life too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are Bone Conduction Headphones?

Ans: They enable you to listen to sound and music through the vibration of the cheekbone or jawbone, as the sound waves bypass the outer and middle ear to reach and stimulate the inner ear. The technology has spread to the music and fitness industry to entertain athletes when they run or train to achieve their fitness goals. They are safer than conventional accessories as they do not expose the eardrum to the risk of damage.

Q2. Is The Sound Quality As Good As That Of Regular Headphones?

Ans: No. The conduction is poor as it occurs through the bone, which has more solid and compact molecules that require more energy to move or vibrate. Failing to get a direct transmission means poor sound quality.

Q3. Are Bone Conduction Headphones Better Than Regular Headphones?

Ans: Yes, these enable you to listen to music while jogging or running. With these headphones, the eardrum will be protected from potential damage. If you value situational awareness and like to remain alert regarding what goes on in your training environment, then you may consider when and where to use one of the best bone conduction headphones. Bone conduction headphones are not so loud as regular headphones, so the risk of noise-induced hearing loss is reduced.

Q4. Can Deaf People Hear With Bone Conduction Headphones?

Ans: Yes, people suffering from hearing impairment can benefit from bone conduction headphones, especially the ones with different forms of conductive hearing loss. Bone conduction headphones bypass all the ear parts from the outer ear to the middle ear and transfer sound to the inner ear. So, if you have any kind of ear canal infection or eardrum damage, you’ll be able to hear through these headphones.

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