What is The Best Hearing Aids For Tinnitus

hearing aid for tinnitus masking

Do you know there is no well-defined cure for Tinnitus? However, it only encompasses some therapies, management types, and masking. One such option is hearing aids that besides amplifying the existing sound also assist in treating Tinnitus no matter a person is experiencing hearing loss or not.

Such hearing aids are designed keeping to perform multifarious functions. One such feature is popularly known as masking where the hearing device emits new sounds so that the patient is less likely to suffer from Tinnitus related sounds.

There are numerous hearing aid companies that promise to offer the best device to get rid of Tinnitus. Among so many options, which one to opt for? Below is a list of some of the top hearing aid brands that will offer you much relief from Tinnitus.

Here is a list of best hearing aids for tinnitus sufferers or Patients:

Widex is undoubtedly a global leader in managing Tinnitus. Its Zen therapy aims to offer relief to the patients followed by the much-needed relaxation.

  • The Widex Zen Therapy incorporates four components that can be customized as per the client’s specific needs and requirements. These are- Counselling, Amplification, Sound
    stimulation, and Stress reduction. This can be experienced in various hearing assist models as well as in standalone device meant for those who don’t suffer from hearing loss.

  • The sufferer can also use Widex Zen – Tinnitus Management app that provides clients with tools and information to help them manage the impact of tinnitus.

Phonak Tinnitus management is sure to make a difference.

  • Its management plan consists of three elements entitled as Tinnitus Balance hearing aids, a broadband noise generator and sound therapy that can be easily accessed by iPhone users as well as Android users.

  • The management plan based on sound therapy meant to offer day-long tinnitus relief can be customized as per the client’s specific needs in consultation with the professional.

  • One thing that must be bear in mind is that these Phonak tinnitus devices don’t serve the role of hearing aid devices. They are just meant to alleviate the Tinnitus.

This perfect Tinnitus solution is available in various models named as Oticon Alta 2 Pro Ti, Nera 2 pro-Ti, and Ria 2 Pro Ti. They offer special feature i.e Tinnitus Sound Support.

  • Tinnitus Sound Support is a sound generator that can be integrated into Oticon hearing aid models.

  • It encompasses specially designed programs that allow the wearer to play various sounds including white, pink, red static noise, and ocean-themed relief sounds to distract the attention from tinnitus.

  • The Oticon ON App can be operated via smartphone to adjust the volume level. The wearer can also customize sound therapy as well as music from their own playlists.

Starkey hearing aid models rely on sound masking therapy.

  • The models which largely employs the aforementioned therapy are new Muse, the Halo 2 Made for iPhone, and the SoundLens.

  • Depending upon the specific requirements and unique needs, the wearer can tailor the sound therapy to alleviate the irritating sounds of Tinnitus.

  • This minuscule and comfortable device can be worn the entire day without experiencing any discomfort.

Signia Primax

tinnitus masking device

Signia Primax hearing aids models are designed to offer Tinnitus Therapy.

  • Some of the popular Signia Primax models are as follows- Primax Pure, Ace, Motion, and Insio.

  • This small and elegant device is an exceptional amalgamation of tinnitus therapies and outstanding hearing.

  • This brand of hearing aid is specifically meant for those people who suffer from tonal tinnitus. It is the only brand that comes with built-in tinnitus Notch Therapy.

  • The other two therapies it offers are- Static noise tinnitus therapy and ocean wave tinnitus therapy.

  • It allows creating a comforting and customizable experience where you can fine-tune to soothing and unique sounds.

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The American Tinnitus Association lists hearing aids as one of the well-established treatment of Tinnitus. Around 60 percent of the sufferers experienced relief by wearing hearing aids.

With a multitude of brands available, the right and judicious selection is entirely in your hands. Study the credibility of each brand, compare the hearing aids provided by each of them and get to know the quality of customer services.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q1. Doesn’t additional sound emitted by a hearing aid to act as a masking sound for Tinnitus sufferers create a new problem?


No. The sound emitted by tinnitus hearing aids deviates the attention of the sufferer from the irritating Tinnitus sounds. The emitted sound is specifically formulated to be unobtrusive. It may require a wearer a few days to adapt to such a device and its sounds, in time, it’s unlikely to be noticed at all.

Q2. What type of sounds people usually hear while suffering from Tinnitus?


During Tinnitus, people usually experience continuous or interrupted whistling, ringing, buzzing, hissing or beeping.

Q3. Does Tinnitus cause hearing loss?


Usually, Tinnitus and hearing loss go hand in hand. However, it is not compulsory that those suffering from Tinnitus also experience hearing loss. The only thing attached to it is that the perceived sounds are a lot of distracting and unpleasant. On the other hand, people who have hearing loss also experience Tinnitus.

Q4. Under what conditions the situation of Tinnitus gets worse?


The enormous stress and unhealthy lifestyle can worsen the condition of Tinnitus. Also, if a person is a regular consumer of alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, salt or aspirin, the condition is bound to get adverse.