Best Corded & Cordless Phones For Hearing Impaired [2021]

Hearing Impaired phones

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The unclear words, the hearing struggles, and so much inconvenience in a telephonic coonversation can be improvized with sound clarity and audibility with the amplified phones for hearing impaired.

With the latest technological improvements there has been drastic improvement in specialized phones for the people with speaking or hearing impairment.

The market is full of phones that amplify sound and are compatible with hearing aids are available in corded and cordless models from some of the world’s most renowned brands.

So, if you’re still wondering, “What is the best phone for hard of hearing?” The guide below can help you identify the hearing impaired telephones best suited for your loved ones.

Note: Selection of products is done after a lot of in-depth research by our team of experts.

The List of 7 Best Hearing Impaired Phones

Comparative table of best cell phones for hard of hearing:

phones for seniors hard of hearing

  • Slow Talk Button

  • Higher Pitch/Tone

  • Call Block Feature

CLARITY ALTO 54005.001
telephones for the deaf

  • Flash On Call

  • Extra Loud Ringer

  • Adjustable Volume Control

cordless phones for the elderly

  • Captions On/Off Button

  • Simple To Set Up And Use

  • Built In Answering Machine

Best Hard of Hearing Telephones with Answering Machine

1. Panasonic Expandable Cordless Phone

This cordless phone for hard of hearing exhibits a large white backlit handset display (1.8-inch) and keypad. Offers a call block of 250 numbers. Click here to know how many people recently bought this product.

This phone incorporates hearing protection that enhances transmission quality and range of this cordless phone. The range, quality, and security are improved by increasing the frequency of error correction up to 80x.

The talking caller ID feature uses text-to-speech technology and announces the caller’s information in between rings. You can easily hear who’s calling from across the room.

The Panasonic’s enhanced noise reduction defeats background noise and at the same time enhances your voice. You are introduced to more convenience with the headset jack.

Note: This is perhaps the best Amplified Cordless Phone.


  • Ideal for home or business use.

  • Features a large backlit display and keypad.

  • Provides an enhanced transmission range.

  • Features a talking caller ID.

  • Flaunts of noise reduction technology.

  • Smart Eco mode prolongs battery life.


  • Users are pleased with features and performance.


You can hear and be heard easily with the PANASONIC Link2Cell. This big button cordless phones for the elderly is loud and clear with the volume boost control for amplified caller with a voice volume up to 40 dB, includes six voice tone settings and a loud base unit ringer. Check out the first hand review by a real user.

Such phones are reduced extra background noises the same as wireless noise-canceling headphones do. It also enables us to understand every word, every time and that too with more clarity with slow talk to slow speed of speech in real-time and when checking voice messages. 

The Link2Cell features a big white backlit LCD, enlarged memory dial buttons along with bright red LED visual ringers. These are present at the base unit and the handset enhances visibility and calling convenience.

You can sync up to two cells and receive text alerts while you are anywhere in the house. This includes speakerphone, power back-up, talking caller ID, 9 Speed Dials, 250-number call block, noise reduction, and accessories. Interested in Panasonic? Make sure to check all of our Panasonic Cordless Phones review>>>> 

Note: This is the most preferred cordless phones for seniors.


  • You will never miss a call sync two cell or smart phones.

  • This slows down fast talkers.

  • Easy to see and use.

  • Enables audible and visible call alerts.

  • Provides up to 18 minutes of voice messaging.


  • Great phone but customer support could be a bit better.

3. Clarity Alto 54005.001 Digital Speaker Phone

These Clarity phones for the hearing impaired takes the responsibility to create smart communication solutions. It is the most recommended phones for seniors hard of hearing that help them to live richer, and more engaged with their lives.

A brand that was founded in 1969 and is the world leader in amplified telephones. This comes with notification systems and assistive listening devices. Here’s a complete unboxing video with expert comments.

This is driven with a simple focus of helping the ones that are hearing impaired. This facilitates to make these people live the life to their fullest.

Whether its anything concerning the reconnecting with the family, sharing memories, setting-off on the latest adventures, enjoying the comforts of home, the Clarity plays a key role in benefitting in many ways.

This amplifies the sounds up to 53 dB along with out going speech up to 15 db. The battery back-up lets you make calls even when there is no power supply. This is TIA-4953 certified for severe, moderate, or mild hearing loss.

Note: If you want a best corded phone with answering machine then don’t miss this out by Clarity.


  • Digital clarity power incorporates hearing aid technology.

  • Extra loud ringer volume.

  • Comes with a battery backup.

  • Provides authentic clarity.

  • Features one-touch speed dial memory buttons.


  • Some find it loud, though that’s a plus we feel.

4. Hamilton CapTel 2400i Captioned Telephone

It could be really challenging for the people who are hearing impaired but the Hamilton CapTel makes it convenient and confident for the users to enjoy phone conversations.

This requires telephone service analog, digital cable, FIOS, VoIP, and DSL. Just note that this isn’t compatible with digital PBX systems, High-speed Internet with standard electrical power. Lets see a full working video of this device.

This a traditional telephone keypad for familiar dialing, and captions can be turned on/off at any time while you are on a call with the push of a button. Just note that captions are available within the US only.

The large and easy to read touch-screen display along with adjustable volume buttons up to 40 dB gain makes the call experiences easier. This has a built-in answering machine that takes voice messages with captions.

Note: It is one Along with the voice if you want the on-screen caption feature then this is the best suggestion.


  • You can confidently catch every word.

  • Features a traditional telephone keypad for familiar dialing.

  • Large easy to read touch screen.

  • Built-in answering machine.

  • Caller-ID capable and allows storage of more than 95 names.


  • An amazing option for hearing impaired.

5. iSoHo Phones for Seniors

The iSoHo Trimline corded phone features targeted voice amplifier microphone that is uniquely designed for amplifying softer voices. This offers 3 adjustable volume controls with an extra loud ringer.

The ones which have low speech and limited mobility, this phone is especially designed for them. There may be some phones with unreliable functions and you can’t risk your loved ones. The iSoHo is designed with special features that may be needed by the elderly and the ones who are vision-impaired.

The extra-large numbers bring enough ease and the backlit feature increases visibility. There is a ring alert strobe light that helps the users know when a call is coming.

This is lightweight and an easy to hold design that won’t aggravate arthritis issues. It adds a vintage touch to any décor. These provide high quality performance and the company focuses on empowering the users to talk with their family and friends.

Note: These offer first rate reliability with performance for the seniors and elderlies.


  • A great option for the ones with physical limitations.

  • Simple to use and easy to read.

  • Features backlit buttons.

  • Comes with adjustable volume.

  • The manufacturer promises three years.


  • Suitable for the ones who want a corded phone.

6. Clarity E814CC Amplified Corded/Cordless Combo

This hearing assist features an amplified digital answering machine to listen to messages with ease. Smart communication solutions are used by Clarity that facilitates seniors to live richer and more involved lives.

The brand focuses on augmenting life in every way and at every step. Reconnecting with family members experiencing a good time at home, setting off to adventure, sharing memories with old friends, everything is made worthwhile by the Clarity amplified phone.

This amplified phone has a speakerphone with large keypad and high contrast numbers along with five speed dial buttons that enables storing important numbers.

This has a CID display light up as a super bright visual ringer with extra loud and clear handset speakerphone for hands-free operation. This establishes a direct connection to assistive listening devices or headset (2.5mm or 3.5mm) with dual battery backup that lets you make calls even when the power is out. Don’t forget to take a quick look at accessories that comes along with this package.

Note: The answering machine is preferred by many in phones and this combo is a great option.


  • Comes with an amplified digital answering machine.

  • Large keypad with high contrast numbers.

  • This has a CID display light as a super bright visual ringer.

  • Direct connection to assisted listening device.

  • Helps people with hearing loss to live their life to the fullest.


  • Base phone is corded.

7. JeKaVis JF11W Big Button Corded Phone

This is a perfect corded phone with big buttons for the people with limited vision which measures 1.1 inch (W), and 1.2 inch (L). One can conveniently press and make a call.

The phone comes with a flat back and this is unmatchable with the wall mount plate that features a bump in the centre.

The built-in speaker IC keeps the volume louder and sound clearer. The volume can be adjusted easily be it the handset, speakerphone, ringer and they can be turned low to high.

This has an in-use indicator that reminds you when the phone does not hang up successfully. Any incoming calls aren’t missed by the user this way. Also find out reasons why some users had negative reviews about this product.

The speed dial feature allows you to store 10 group phone numbers. This function enables more convenience and ease. You can use hold button for pausing the call and the caller can hear music from your phone then.

Note: This is a perfect combo of hearing protection, hearing aid technology, and hands-free speaker phone.


  • Ideal option for the people with limited vision.

  • Built-in speaker IC or loud and clear sound.

  • Speed dial function makes you connect with ease.

  • You can press hold button to pause the call.

  • Features large buttons for easy access.

  • Includes a speed dial memory function.


  • Volume a bit low for the people using hearing aid.


We have tried to simplify all your queries and the things that you should consider while choosing the best phone for yourself.

Finding Out The Problem

what is the best phone for hearing impaired

It could be tricky to select the right phone for your loved one. You have to check a few things prior:

Does your family member miss a word or more?

Do you have to raise your voice to make them hear you?

In case of a mild hearing or vision loss there are phones that offer amplified sound or noise reduction and that’s a cool option to use.

There are cases when the entire loss of hearing has occurred then a captioned telephone is probably the most suited.

Adequate Amplification Levels

best phone for hard of hearing

The standard phones come with some degree of volume control. This feature enables the user to adjust the volume levels to high or low as they require and feel comfortable with.

Along with the volume adjustment the ringer can also be adjusted to higher or lower volumes for ease. The loud ringer helps the hard of hearing- or hearing-impaired people to know about the calls well in time. The flasher ringers make you know the phone is ringing with the lights.

There are amplified phones that have the ability to transmit directly to the telecoil. You need to check the dB amplification for best results.

There are portable amplifiers too that you can move from phone to phone. If the users are making use of the hearing aids then they should look for the best hearing aid compatible phones.

Corded or Cordless Phones For Hearing Impaired

big button cordless phone for seniors

With the cordless models some of the consumers have complained about the inferior receptiveness. Though this isn’t the case with all. With the corded options there are models that feature an amplified speaker phone that makes a best fit for your family.

It all depends on your personal preference. If mobility is your priority then a cordless phone serves best. Visibility is a concern for some hearing-impaired persons and a corded phone will leave them with more comfort. Panasonic cordless phones, Clarity, Plantronics are some of the amazing phones for elderly hard of hearing persons.

Captioned Phone

cordless phone for hearing impaired

These types of phones are of great help for the ones who have a serious issue of hearing and communicating. Hamilton CapTel is one of the best in this category.

The phones that have a visual screen get the entire word to word caption of the conversation. Whatever you are talking is displayed on the screen and the operator receives the words and then with a voice recognition software they are repeated showing it further on the screen before you.

TTY Phones

This allows the user to type the message and the TTY attaches to a special computer modem or a normal phone jack.

The message is transmitted to another TTY device and the responses are displayed on the screen. This type of phone features flashing light and the incoming calls are known by the user. There are typewriter telephones (TTY) that are available for the persons with severe hearing troubles. The hearing impaired can use this type of phone or a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD).

Answering Machine Capability

what is the best telephone for hearing impaired

Any cordless phone for hearing impaired with answering machine enables easy operation and helps in recording messages too. This brings a lot of convenience for those who have difficulty in reaching the phone quickly. They have the ability to hold a recording up to 40 minutes.

Large Dialing Pads For Vision Or Coordination Issues

We have some telephone models that feature large dialing pads with big numbers. These types of phones prove to be a boon for those who have moderate to severe vision problems along with coordination issues. The features should be given weightage according to the need of the user.

Hearing Aid Compatible

cell phones for hearing impaired

The people who use hearing aids should opt for phones that show compatibility with them. Bluetooth devices or a T-switch can be used for coupling. The background sounds should remain reduced for more clearer sounds of the phone.

The proper volume adjustments and control are also required and this may vary form person to person.

Tone Settings And Hands-free Operation

You can set the base in one room and side by side place the other handsets in other rooms. It will be so convenient for you to take calls from anywhere you want. In one shot the tone and other settings can also be changed for reducing discomfort.

Understanding the pitch and for clearer toning the tone control feature is preferred by many. Along with this hands-free operation introduces extreme levels of comfort to the user. Before you choose your phone just take a thorough look at all the features that are provided by the concerned model.

Expandable Handsets

phones for the hearing impaired

The homes with more rooms require more coverage and one amplifier phone can’t fulfil all. An expandable handset is the wise decision to go for.

Other Features

The phones of today flaunt many other features like the slow talk, speed dial, talking keypad, loud ringer, flash ringer, talking caller ID, phone number storage, and more.

These phones work brilliantly and work well to minimize the disturbing background noises such as the wireless noise cancelling headphones do. The phones that have lights keep them bright and are appreciated by many users.

The Crux

We hope that you liked our detailing on the best phones for the hearing impaired. Do check the features that are suitable and convenient for you. Whether you choose a corded or a cordless option you need to go for a model that comes with manufacturer warranties and is a returnable model.

We are sure that a good brand and a reputed seller will always offer this to its customers. And the electronic devices need to have this because they may reach you damaged or turn out to be a misfit. Enhance your life and engage more with the best phone!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Is The Best Amplified Phones For Hearing Impaired?

Ans. The brands which we have mentioned in the article above are the leading ones in the market. You can choose after going thoroughly with the features of all.

Q2. Wired Or Wireless, Which Is Better?

Ans. This is something again a matter of one’s own preference and need. If you want a phone that provides portability then go for a cordless phone and if you wanna operate sitting at one place then corded is a better choice. For more details you can refer to our buying guide where we have this topic in an elaborated way.

Q3. What Are Captioned Amplified phones?

Ans. Amplified captioned telephone provides the text of a conversation using VoIP technology. These telephones have an LCD display where the users see and read text captions from the caller. Amplified captioned telephones are designed for people with mild or severe hearing problems.

Q4. Are Amplified Phones Effective For People With Severe Hearing Loss?

Ans. An amplified phone produces more than 100 dB sounds. If you have to buy an amplified phone for a person with a severe hearing loss, you can go for a range between 60 to 120 dB.

Q5. What is meant by Volume Boost Feature?

Ans. The volume boost feature provides the additional sound as preferred by the user. By activating the volume boost feature, you’ll be able to hear the voice of the caller loud and precise. The boost feature amplifies the volume and makes the conversation easy for a hearing-impaired person.

Q6. Who Is Eligible for Captioned Call Facility?

Ans. You have to confirm that you are a hearing-impaired person suffering from mild or severe hearing loss problems, in order to use the facility. You need a medical certificate to declare that you have a hearing loss problem so that you can get captioned call service on your phone.

Q7. Are Amplified Phones Safe For Everyone?

Ans. Amplified phones are designed especially for people with hearing problems. People with mild, moderate, and severe hearing problems use these devices to make communication easy.Every amplified telephone has a volume controlling option so that you can use it to keep the volume level between 20dB and 70dB.

Q8. Will Amplified Captioned Telephone Increase My Phone Bill Every Month?

Ans. No, the voice captioning option does not increase the monthly phone bill. To activate the captioning service; you need to get a permit from the federal agency of the US government. If you are a qualified user, the federal government will pay for the captioning service.

Q9. Can I Connect An Amplified Telephone To A Smartphone?

Ans. If the amplified telephone has a Bluetooth feature, you can connect it with your smartphone. To connect the devices; you have to pair the amplified phone with the smartphone.