Top 3 Best Rated Electronic Earmuffs 2019 Reviews With Comparison Chart

Are you looking for the best electronic earmuffs ever? Earmuffs protect our ears from the extreme cold, rain, and hail. During cold weather, going out can be tricky, if one is not covered properly from head to toe. Ear Muffs were created by Chester Greenwood and ever since have become wearable gadget to protect our ears from extreme weather and hear loss. Our experts have reviewed the top ear muffs with their features which makes them best in the US market.

Best Electronic Ear Muffs Comparison

  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Batteries: 2 AA batteries required
  • Dimensions: 4 x 6 x 9 inches 
  • Color: Black, Green, Neon Green, Pink
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Batteries: 123a Batteries
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8.2 x 4.5 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.15 pounds
  • Batteries: 2 AA batteries required. (included)

3 Top Selling Electronic Ear Muffs Reviews

3M Peltor Tactical Pro Communications Headset

3M Peltor Tactical Pro Communications Headset MT15H7F SV with the headband is one of the most reliable defenders costing above 100$. With a retail price of $257.51, it is a pricey purchase. However, buying peltor ear muffs at Amazon saves you $68.51 off the tag price and free shipping anywhere in the US.

Earmuffs Reviews

Pros Of Peltor Ear Pro Communications Headset

  • Reliable: The product reliable muffles sound over 130 dB and amplifies low noise under 26dB for safety and secure communication.  In a case of any defects, the warranty protects the buyer.
  • Durable: A high-grade plastic and metal materials used to manufacture the products makes it durable.
  • Comfortable: The padded earcups offer soft contacts and hence less pressure on the wearer’s temple area.
  • 2-way communication:  The 3m electronic pro ear muff can also be used as a 2-way radio, hence allowing for effective coordination in a noisy site.
  • Reputable manufacturer: The 3M S.V. company, is a renowned manufacturer of earmuffs, backed by excellent after-sale service.

Pro Ears Mag Gold – Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muff

The Pro Ears – Pro Mag Gold – Electronic Hearing Protection and Amplification Shooting Range Ear Muff is yet another high-end earmuff costing over 100$. With a retail price of $222.62, it is costly. The pro ears electronic ear muff is designed, especially for firing range application, but is equally suitable for other dangerous noises hearing protection ear muffs. Purchasing this product from Amazon entitles you to a free shipping anywhere within the US.

Best Ear Muffs

Pros Of Pro Ears Electronic Ear Muffs For Shooting

  • Reliable: The pro ear muffs reliably muzzle sound over 130 dB and amplifies low noise under 30dB for safe and secure communication.
  • Warranty: The product comes with a 5-year warranty cover against any defects.
  • Durable: The high-quality materials used during its construction make it a lasting product.
  • Comfortable: The wide form-cushioned leather cover offers a relaxed fit under different temperatures.
  • Quality communication:  The gold circuit application of the DSLC technology provides quick adjustment time from the loud blasts to silent scenes while allowing normal conversation between the wearers without having to remove the noise protection devices.
  • Extended battery life: The auto-shut power mechanism guards against idle battery usage hence extends the battery life.

3M Peltor Tactical Sport Electronic Earmuff Headset

The 3M Peltor Tactical Sport Electronic Earmuff Headset (Model 97451) with headband offers value for money.  At a retail price of $116, it is priced reasonably for the features it offers.  Purchasing this product from Amazon allows for a free shipping anywhere within the US.
Best Ear Defender

Pros Of 3M Peltor Tactical Sport Earmuff

  • Excellent Noise Reduction Ear Muffs: This 3m tactical sports gadget suppresses all noise above 82dB and offers a Noise Reduction Rating of 20dB for hearing safety and reliable communication.
  • Durable: The blend of high-grade plastic and metal materials used to manufacture the products makes it durable.
  • Comfortable: The peltor tactical sport earmuffs are padded with soft leather to provide a little pressure on the points of skin contacts.
  • Entertainment At Work:  The external jacks can be pinned to FM or MP3 players for music while taking instructions from command in addition to protection against loud noises.
  • Reputable Manufacturer: The 3M peltor tactical sport earmuff company, is a renowned manufacturer of the high-quality defender, based on excellent after-sale service.
  • Value For Money: At $116, the benefits and technology applied in these products are an excellent value.
  • Stylish Design: The 3m tactical sports device is designed for extended usage, and feature futuristic ergonomic style for perfect handling and fit.

Choosing The Best Selling Safety Earmuffs For You

Good Quality earmuffs are easy to fit and don’t need to be specifically prepared, they can be simply put over the head making them ideal for recurring use and even for the folks who work in construction and landscaping work.

  • Noise Reduction Rating for Earmuff

We are starting the list with the noise reduction rating, ultimately it is the main factor to be considered when choosing the right earmuffs for shooting range as it determines the effectiveness of the hearing protection one get. It’s best to settle on an NRR of between 22 to 30 dB, it is advised to go for a highest rated defender with a rating of more than 30dB (which goes up to about 33 or 34 max in shooting earmuffs) and not lower than 20-22. If you are going to shoot outdoors, then you can go down to 18, but anything lower than can be extremely risky for your ears.

  • Comfort

If a hearing protection device is uncomfortable, it can’t be worn on a regular basis and will provide a lot of discomfort to the user. Earmuffs should fit easily, creating a sturdy seal around the ear without slipping or falling from the head. Ease of use such as soft ear cushions, a light feel on the head that adjusts easily should also be considered. At times it can be difficult to assess because it comes down to factors like general shape/size of your head or how long you plan to have your best shooting earmuffs on.

  • Appearance

If the wearer is too conscious about the appearance of earmuff it is most likely that it won’t be able to solve the sole purpose of ear protection.  Irrelevant of age and gender, wearers find that ear muffs either look great or can look a bit absurd. When you choose an earmuff, the design and look should take into account practicality, it is best to go for sleek and humble looking earmuffs else be prepared to stand out in the crowd. The best way to wear funky or bright colored earmuffs is to match them with your apparel. If the ear muffs are unable to disguise themselves in the wearer’s hair, they should match the accessories like coat, shoes, or bag creating a classy look.

  • Additional Functions, Features & Extensibility

Features like size and usage extensibility of the hearing protection should be taken into consideration before making a choice. Earmuffs are generally quite bulky in size, specifically the products with the highest NR Rating. It is best to consider foldable earmuffs which can be easy to carry and store. User extensibility is another important feature on the list. For example, if you wish to go for shooting the same earmuffs can be used to listen to music or connect to your iPod without having to buy two of them.

  • Price

Buying the highly expensive earmuffs doesn’t necessarily mean that have bought the best in the market. The amount you pay isn’t directly proportional to the features you get, extra features come with its associated cost, so it’s for the user to decide which features you would need. If the budget is flexible you can factor in features you’d love to have.

Types of High-Quality NRR Earmuffs

Modern high-quality defender comes in two basic kinds:

  • Thermal Earmuffs

These thermal earmuffs are usually worn in cold environments to keep wearer’s ears warm and are commonly used outdoors in cold climates. They are available in a variety of styles and colors.

  • Acoustic earmuffs

They are commonly called as Ear Defenders and are designed to protect users from loud or continuous noise. They are commonly worn in industries where loud noises commonly persist, such as the construction industry. Good quality acoustic defenders have a padded headband which connects two padded earpieces. High levels of environmental noise, such as construction machinery, pneumatic drills, unsuppressed firearms can cause serious damage to hearing, so buying a good quality pair of ear defenders, therefore essential.

Best Electronic Ear Muffs

Different Purposes For Using The Perfect Noise Cancelling Ear Defenders

  • Hunting

How To Protect Yourself while hunting? Hunting is an excellent recreation. Several hunters may cooperate to make a kill as well as keep safe. Shooting produces over 170 dB of noise and at close range, could temporarily impair hearing. Hearing protection sound blocking hunting earmuffs are applied to reduce the loud blasts to healthy levels. Further, these devices convert to two-way radio earmuffs for relaying instruction and confirming the positions of different members of the team to avoid accidental shooting.

  • Sleeping

Sleeping requires a calm environment. Where this environment is not available or where the person has hypersensitivity to noise, they can use sleeping ear muffs for noise reduction on recommendations. Noise-canceling earmuffs for sleeping have the ability to blank out external and background sounds. They also provide soothing low volume music which lulls one to sleep.

  • Shooting

Shooting guns for practice or training in shooting ranges make one a perfect marksman. However, guns produce loud bursts each time bullets exit the barrels. Some automatic weapons create continuous blasts as several rounds of ammunition get fired. This high-decibel noise is injurious to the ears. The wearing of earmuff is mandatory in such circumstances.

  • Field Work

Some jobs involve blasting, mining, or dredging as well as operating and monitoring noisy machinery. Others like music production and live performances also include loud volumes. Operations under these scenarios mandate the application of suitably calibrated earmuffs to muzzle excess noise (over 120dB) but maintain the sound at 80db.

Benefits Of The Wearing Ideal Ear Muffs

Earmuffs refer to gadgets designed to protect one’s ears against excessive noise and extreme weather. They comprise a thermoplastic or metal headbands made to fit over the top or on the back of the head,  with two rounded, cushioned ends (earcups) covering the ears.

  • Hearing Protection

In an environment with machinery and equipment emitting high noise levels, additional personal hearing protection is required to lockout the excess noise.

  • Sudden Loud Bangs

In situations where there is a likelihood of loud, spontaneous noises like gunfire and mine blasts, best ear defenders are the right protection against the deafening sounds.

  • Extreme Weather

Earmuffs provide enormous benefits when used in environments like the offshore oil rigs. They protect the ears against the biting wind.

  • Communication Gadgets

Modern Earmuffs have integrated 2-way radio communication.  Precise communication and commands get relayed to each personnel for improved site safety and coordinated performance.

  • Entertainment

Some earmuffs have external connections to MP3 and AM/FM radios. News and music can be streamed via the earmuffs’ stereo speakers, reducing boredom and increasing productivity.

  • Eavesdropping

Earmuffs operate at different frequencies. In battlefields, minute sounds and cracks can be amplified by the earmuffs system, making it possible for soldiers to gather surrounding enemy communication or track enemy movements.

Earmuff FAQs

The usage of earmuffs has come with extensive criticism and well as commendations. Many people still do not understand several factors related to their noise suppression application.  As such, key questions about their handling have arisen. Below are some of the most common ones.

Q1: Do Earmuffs Require Any Maintenance or Care?

A: Earmuffs like all other wearable require constant maintenance to offer reliable service and extend their life spans. Earmuffs have many components such as earcups, batteries, and microphones. Prolonged usage eventually wears out these parts, and some may subsequently fail due to stress and extreme weather conditions. Replacement of these vital parts is the only way to ensure safety compliance of the equipment.  The manufacturers’ instructions are clear on how to maintain and test different components for proper fit and correct usage.

Q2: Can Earmuffs Be Worn Over Eyeglass Frames?

A: In most working conditions, you need to both the earmuffs and eyeglasses. This situation applies in particular to people who use reading glasses for precision works. In other instances, the working environment may simultaneously generate loud noise and bright lights. These could be in automotive plants, airports, oil rigs, hunting range or shooting ranges. In such situations, the workers may be compelled to wear earmuff over their protective eyeglasses.

Taking cognizance of this factor, the major manufacturers of the earmuffs have designed flexible earmuffs which comfortably fit on the head over the eyeglass frames. Others have bands passing at the back of the wearer’s head, therefore, bypass the eyeglass frame. Further, clear instructions on how to wear earmuff on top of the eye goggles have been issued in the packaging, as such, taking the guesswork out of play.

Experts recommend the proper fitting of the two gadgets. Correct wearing of the two equipment (as per instructions) must be adhered to so that they do not interfere with each other’s respective positions.

Q3: Is It Safe To Use An AM/FM Radio Earmuff In Hazardous Noise?

A: Modern earmuffs have integrated entertainment portal to take the boredom out of work. The hearing protection devices have cords compatible with the standard MP3 players, AM/FM radios and other devices’ axial to stream music and information while providing 2-way communication with other workmates as well as protection against loud noise levels.

Q4: Can A Worker Use Hearing Aids Under Earmuffs?

A: Earmuffs are designed to work in all situations. Therefore, the wearers with a hearing impediment can still derive the full benefit of the earmuffs. Modern earmuffs have inbuilt amplifiers to transcend from high-volume to low-noise levels in milliseconds, yet maintain the normal conversational tones of between 76 to 82dB constant. The hearing aid, however, must be calibrated to synchronize with the earmuff for proper functioning.


From the above electronic earmuff reviews, The Protective Ear Muffs are essential in certain high-pitch environments. Best ear defenders are mandated by law in some working environment to reduce the hearing hazards associated with such operations. Exposure to loud noise – however slight – could be injurious to the ears. Accordingly, wearing of best earmuffs under such operating situations is advised.

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