Best Cordless Phones For Seniors with Dementia – Updated 2021

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If you have seniors at home, you might be considering which is the correct cordless phone for them. The older generation is already seeing their world change dramatically, and the way technology is being upgraded at such a speed can be challenging to adapt with.

Such a problem can be solved by buying a cordless phone for them, which would be a convenient way of being in contact for general purposes and provide better security.

Cordless phones certainly have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to their suitability for seniors. The primary benefit being the sheer convenience that comes with cordless phones, and the disadvantage being how complicated they can be to use.

Serene Innovations Senior Friendly Cordless Phones : Quick Lookup

     ★ Best Overall ★       

Otofonix Elite Digital

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  • High Quality And 35 DB Gain.

  • Modern Design For Invisible Look.

  • 10 Levels of Superior Vol Control

     ★ Best Budget ★       

Artmi Hearing Amplifier

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  • 40 Hours Working Life.

  • Durable And Eco-Friendly.

  • Very Comfortable To Wear.

     ★ Premium Choice ★       

Otofonix Encore Hearing Aid

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  • Most Powerful Amplifier.

  • 7 Batteries, 2 Sound Tubes.

  • 3 Different Listening Programs.

5 Senior Friendly Cordless Phones with Answering Machine

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1. Clarity XLC2+ Amplified Cordless Big Button Speakerphone


  • Easy to read big buttons with backlighting.

  • Talking features to announce the caller.

  • Extra loud ringer (with settings and flashing light)

  • A feature that boosts incoming and outcoming call volume up to 50 dB.

  • Battery backup.

  • Loud speakerphone.

  • Expendable if you have extra handsets.

This cordless phone offers many advantages for seniors. Its list of excellent features suitable for seniors include easy to read large buttons and helpful talking features. Seniors with poor hearing can benefit from the volume amplification available.

However, while some seniors may appreciate the extra buttons, not all will—especially seniors dealing with dementia since the extra buttons could create more confusion.

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  • Could have some other buttons.

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2. Serene Innovations Cordless Phone Elderly


  • The size of the buttons and the color-coded layout makes it easy to use.

  • Call Volume boosts up to 40 dB.

  • Adjustable loud ringer (90db) with flashing light.

  • Callers announced by talking caller ID.

  • Built-in loud speakerphone.

  • Can label memory buttons.

  • Red M1 button excellent for programming emergency numbers.

  • Battery backup in case of no power.

  • Expandable up to four handsets.

This is the best  cell phone for seniors with dementia that has many excellent features for the one who struggle with low vision and hearing loss at a moderate level. It comes with easy-to-read big, bold printed color-coded buttons. It’s loud and has various safety features, including emergency calling and a backup battery.


  • Too many buttons may confuse seniors.

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3. Clarity D703 Amplified Low Vision Cordless Phone


  • Big and backlit buttons with excellent visibility.

  • Easy to press keys that are soft upon touching.

  • Easy to use backlit digital screen.

  • Ten choices with loud ringer.

  • 6 volume levels.

  • Volume amplification up to 35 Db.

  • Additional handsets make the system expandable.

  • A FIND button for helping seniors locate the phone in case they love it.

The Clarity D703 is one of the most senior-friendly phones available today, with its easy to see bold numbered buttons. With a loud ringer, this phone is suitable for seniors. The call volumes are also boosted to high and convenient levels for seniors. It’s a simple phone with fewer features, making it less challenging for seniors to deal with.


  • Small screen may pose a challenge for seniors with low vision.

  • No battery backup.

  • No speakerphone.

  • Lack of quick touch emergency button.

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4. Panasonic KX-TGE232B Cordless Phone with Answering Machine.


  • Extra-large, easy-to-read, backlit buttons.

  • Comfortable to use.

  • Soft-touch buttons.

  • Large and backlit digital screen.

  • Clearer calls due to noise reduction feature.

  • Loud and clear speakerphone.

  • Talking caller ID.

  • Answering machine built right in with an option to turn off when not required.

  • 15 choices for ringtones.

It can be hard to find a cordless phone for seniors who want more features but have trouble seeing. This alternative with the answering system by Panasonic can be a great gift to them.  However, there is a minimum amplification available, which can be a disadvantage for some seniors.. For seniors with poor hearing, the models with 40db and 50db amplification are better options.


  • Less volume amplification.

  • Memory dialing functions deep in the menu system.

  • Extra features may make it complicated to use.

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5. Clarity E814CC Amplified Corded/Cordless Combo


  • Cordless and corded handsets always available.

  • Easy to read, large buttons, with both the cordless handset and the main phone with contrasted printing.

  • Big print, easy to see digital screen.

  • Volume boost in both speakerphone and answering machine playback.

  • Ten ringtones to choose from, with 6 volume levels.

  • Additional handsets make it expandable.

This phone excellently combines many features with sound amplification and easy to read numbers; something not every phone can offer. Its features include a cordless phone, corded phone, caller ID, and answering machine. It has many easy to read and understandable buttons to avoid confusion for seniors not adapting to technology.


  • The cordless handset does not have memory buttons.

  • Extra features may make it complicated to use.

Buying Guide: Senior Friendly Cordless Phone Features

To find a cordless phone that’s comfortable and appropriate for seniors, you can keep the following points in mind. These help you see from a senior’s perspective, which will enable you to make the right choice.

Stick With Fewer Options

Too many buttons, options, switches, and features may cause your loved seniors to feel frustrated and embarrassed, and make the phone very hard to understand. Try to think from their perspective and adaptability to technology.

To avoid any incorrect calls or messed up settings, stick to a phone with just the essential functions and buttons. It should have number buttons, volume buttons/switches, hangup/answer buttons.

Size Of The Button

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Seniors can have many problems that can make smaller buttons challenging to push, for example, arthritis. It’s not difficult to find a phone with bigger buttons, with an easy to read print size. Buttons contrasting with the background are even easier to see, so try to look for such phones.

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Ringer Volume

Choose a phone with a loud ringer. It must have a high and repeating sound, so it’s easier for seniors to use. Adjust the setting to something that’s per the hearing level of the senior and something that doesn’t get lost amidst the other sounds.

Volume Amplification

The receiver volume is an important feature to consider before buying a phone for a senior, especially if they have hearing problems. The list above has kept this point in consideration so that you can choose from one of them. It’s even better if the phone has a built-in amplifier, with as much boost as required.

Memory Dialing

Memory dialing allows seniors to call people with just a touch. This is an essential feature for emergencies, so they don’t need to spend time looking up numbers. Seniors with dementia or memory trouble can appreciate this feature since it saves them from relying on their memory. Ensure that the memory buttons are large.

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Emergency Calling

Try to find phone options with red, noticeable buttons to help seniors call their loved ones in an emergency immediately. This also ensures their safety and helps them avoid panic.


Speakerphones are one of the more-preferred phone features for seniors since they appreciate the loudness.

Corded vs. Cordless Phones For The Elderly: Which Is The Best?

Both corded landline phones and cordless phones have their advantages and disadvantages, and taking a look below comparing the two can help you decide what you prefer for your loved seniors.

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Cordless Phones

Cordless phones erase the threat of falling since there is no cord to wrap around the seniors’ feet. They are smaller in size, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

They’re more convenient since seniors can keep them close all the time. But there is also the issue of smaller screens and buttons due to lack of space. Cordless phones are also not as loud as their corded counterparts, but that can be compensated with loud ringers.

Corded Phones

These are larger phones with loud ringers and receiver volume, making them easy to hear. They’re also easier to see with their bigger menu screen and larger buttons.

Their primary drawback, however, is the long and stretchy cord that seniors need to deal with. Such long cords, especially if you add extra length to it to move farther, can make a senior trip or fall. At this age, falls must be avoided strictly.

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Why Are Some Cordless Phones Difficult To Use For Seniors?

Seniors have to deal with medical problems, and as they age, things like phones are difficult for them to use, to begin with.

Issues like mental illness, memory problems, vision deficits, hearing loss, and other issues affect their ability to use technology. Many seniors deal with dementia or Alzheimer’s, and choosing the right phone can help them immensely.

Memory Issues Caused Dementia Or Alzheimer's

Issues like these are common medical problems for older adults, and the memory deficits caused by them make it harder for seniors to recall phone numbers in emergencies.

You should look for a cordless phone system that comes with the largest possible memory dial buttons to help them. It should have a button set up chiefly for emergency calls. If you find phones with such a programmable button, set it up to call a relative or loved one immediately.

Visual Impairments

Phones have become more and more challenging to use with failing vision. Medical issues like cataracts and retina problems make it tougher to deal with a phone, leading to misdialed numbers. By not preventing your loved seniors from such embarrassing situations, you may be overlooking their frustration and mental health.

To avoid all this, choose a cordless phone having large buttons, with larger print. Prioritize options with contrasting prints, since those are easier to read.

Hard Of Hearing Or Hearing Loss

Many seniors have to deal with the frustration of aging related hearing loss. We cannot understand how irritating it can be for seniors to ask people to repeat themselves continually. The spot becomes trickier because hearing aids don’t always help, since their compatibility is not excellent with all the phones.

To help your loved seniors avoid the irritability, embarrassment, and even loneliness caused due to loss of hearing, you can buy them amplified phones. They boost the sound, making it easier for seniors to use, and are even compatible with hearing aids.

Final Words

Seniors have to deal with many problems we cannot fathom since our experiences are different. Phones allow them to communicate with the rest of the world and often prevent loneliness to a great deal.

They’re also a medium of ensuring safety, and having a phone they can trust to aid them in emergencies can lift a lot of stress from their shoulders. As explained above, having easy and big buttons, loud ringers, amplified volume, memory dialing, and easy features in a phone can help them deal well with a lot of confusion that accompanies old age. Remember, it is an act of caring, and you should think well before you make your decision.