Are Bone Conduction Headphones Good Enough Yet?

Long ago hearing aids were needed to be made or brought from only specialists that were quite expensive solution. Bone conduction has made it possible to have an open ear solution that uses bones and does not jam your ears but with few defects of its own.

Knowing It

Bone conduction headphones works on the principle of conducting the vibrations through the bone directly into the brain rather using air as a medium. This is more a convenient way of transferring the external vibration to induce hearing sensation in the brain. So in a way it acts as a bypass taking the vibrations directly into the cochlea that can send impulses to the brain and result in the hearing.

Are They Better

Conventional hearing aids are fitted into the ear canal that amplifies sound that could be picked up by the cochlea and converted into neural signals. What it does is bridges the gap between the outer and middle ear and the inner cochlea. This aid has been in use from years variedly all around the globe. One thing to keep in mind is that each device is tailored made for the specific need of the person.

Although bone conduction has been widely adopted by ENT specialists but they still provide for a temporary solution rather a permanent hearing companion. What it does is makes the bones vibrate on the frequency of the stimulus and cause a sensation of hearing.

What’s interesting is that bone conduction implants are however better than the conventional hearing aids and can be a permanent solution to help in the aid of listening to the voices of the dear ones or any favorite song that you may have missed or always wanted to feel.

So What Are the Differences Between Bone Conduction Implant and Devices?

It a very common question that always arises in the minds of anyone who opts to get an ear surgery or is planning for a hearing aid. What experts say is that you must always go through a planned hearing loss management that can help you learn better sensation and have the best result after the ultimate surgery.

Generally, bone conduction implants are very expensive than the usual hearing aids and requires some time to get the whole process done for effectively bringing back the hearing sensation. This is where the bone conduction hearing aid devices come in handy. They are more temporary before the permanent implantation takes place.

Bone conduction implantation sounds weird…but is actually a small device that is operated and fitted in the skull, making it possible for the person with hearing loss to get the sensation of bone conduction headphones and learn the sounds that he never heard before.

Then What Is to Choose?

This question may be one of the first questions that come in your mind after reading the article. What I can suggest is every person has different degree of hearing loss and it requires for the specialists to determine the best option that can be helpful in a particular case.

Bone conduction devices have not been very effective as per reviews from users and expert’s opinions, compared to the conventional hearing aids.However, the technology is improving and in near future it can be very effective way.

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